Tips to Clean and Disinfect Reusable Bags during Covid combat

The COVID-19 outbreak has made everyone of us cleanliness obsessed and at our creative best to come up with innovative tips to clean shopping bags and other stuff.  Disinfecting bags will halt the spread of germs and prevent the risks of food contamination.


 Every day, when you are out on a shopping errand, just imagine the different food stuff you put into the bags from the bulk bin that might have been touched , taken and examined by countless other shoppers!

Whether it is meat, dairy products or leafy vegetables, till the time these reach the supermarket shelves, these come through various touch points, which is a cause of concern at the present Covid-19 scenario. It is indeed better to stay clean and safe than sorry.

Is Cleaning and Disinfecting One And The Same?

Cleaning with soap or detergent removes grime, dirt and germs. But to kill the germs on surfaces and objects can be done only by disinfecting it though these does not necessarily clean. So, ideally you need to do both cleaning and disinfecting to keep your bags neat and hygienic

The best way to go about it is to first clean your grocery bags with soap and then disinfect them. Make sure to put on the gloves while cleaning reusable grocery bags. The type of cleaning method may vary according to the material or the fabric of the bags.

Non-Woven Reusable Bags :  Made of non-woven polypropylene, non-woven bags are hand washable. Use lukewarm soap water to pull out grime and line dry to keep your shopping bags look fresh and clean.

Main Street Shopper Tote Bags

Cotton & Canvas Bags: Simple and easy to clean, cotton bags can be machine washed and even dried. Use hot water and detergent for best results.

Large Cruising Tote Bags with Rope Handles

Insulated Bags: Ideal for keeping meat and dairy items fresh and chilled on your way back from the grocery store, insulated bags can be hand washed with warm soapy water and line dried. Wipe with an antibacterial sanitizing solution to disinfect.

Large Insulated Grocery Tote Bags

Nylon Reusable Bags: Hand wash in soap water and line dry.  Make sure to turn nylon bags inside out if drying outdoors to prevent fading.

Village Zipper Tote Bags

How to Disinfect Grocery Bags

The best way to disinfect bags is antibacterial wipes. Now that you have a set of laundered, clean bags, you are all set for the second step of disinfecting these to remove the germs is any. Put on your gloves and wipe the bag with sanitizers for a few minutes. Make sure to get the bag wet for best results. Leave it to dry or wipe off with a paper towel

Now you have clean and disinfected bags for a safe shopping day. Did you find this post useful? Be the first to share and spread the word.