PPE For Salons and Spas To Keep The Crew and Clients Safe

Wearing personal protective equipment for every haircut is something we are not accustomed to. However, in the post Covid-19, new normal world,  we just don’t have a choice! It is something that everyone will have to do. Salons and spas were the first to down the shutters during the pandemic considering the high risk factor associated with shared surfaces and having too many people in close proximity.

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Now with the restrictions being lifted in a phased manner, salons and barbershops are planning to reopen. However, some very important safety regulations have to be in place to ensure safety and wellbeing of not just the clients but your employees as well.

Starting operations and instilling confidence in the minds of the clients are going to be biggest challenges for the salon owners in the days ahead. Personal protective equipment will have a crucial role to play in this regard.

PPE For Salons

Salons, spas and barbershops fall in the segment of fashion, beauty and elegance. People choose their favorite spas and salons to fine hone their looks and personality. It may not be have the same risk as the medical environments like hospitals or a dentist office. However, with so many asymptomatic patients around and Covid-19 virus still running its course, there is a risk factor involved in running the business as usual.

Here are some of the main points to consider.

Nearness: In a salon, the clients come in close contact with the employees as they get their hair or skin done. Even breathing or talking can cause droplets to circulate in the air. Though facemask can serve as an apparent barrier in keeping the droplets away, some of these particles will still settle on the ground, the chair, desks and other shared surfaces. PPE for hair dressers will go a long way in reducing this risk.

Another concern is the possibility of the clients spreading virus to each other as they wait for service. People sitting together for extended period is not recommended as it increase the rate of transmission.

Challenges  of having  PPE for Spas

Ensuring social distancing is the key to ensure safety. Spread out the appointments in such a way, that not many people are in the waiting room at any given point of time. Reorganize chairs to ensure adequate space in between and install sneeze guards or screens in between.

Offer only services that involve less proximity

Spa treatments like massaging involves touching, which can have a higher risk. So, it is recommended to suspend these services till the situation gets better. Start your operations with salon services that involve minimum contact with the clients. You can draw out a list of best practices, which can be made more effective with personal protective equipment.

Spot clean shared surfaces

Spot cleaning of shared services with bleach or antibacterial wet wipes is a great way to keep the transmission risks at bay.

Here are some personal care items  and PPE kits that salons and spas can employ to keep their clients and employees safe while promoting their message.

Printed PPE Value Kit


3 Play Face Masks: Disposable masks are the first in the list. All your staff members should be wearing these masks at all times irrespective of the fact whether that are attending to the customers or waiting for them. Masks can reduce the spread of germs from asymptomatic people who don’t appear sick but still have COVID-19.

Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Washable and reusable masks in various fabric choices can also be used. Choose from microfiber, cotton, polyester, and jersey material masks that can be washed and reused safely for a long time.  The best part is that these allow a lot of branding opportunity as well. Get your logo and artwork imprinted   on this to get all eyes on it. You can even use it as giveaways for the clients as a welcome gift on your reopening.

Printed Reusable 4CP Face Masks

Wearing masks for hours may cause pain and discomfort to ears. This can be avoided by handing out these accessories of custom ear savers that can be fastened to the back of the heads. The strap of the masks can be attached to the different slots of these to ensure a snug and comfortable fitting.

Face Mask Ear Savers

Safety goggles

The spa and salon professionals spend a lot of time in close proximity to people due to the nature of their work. Safety goggles will reduce the risk of droplet infections and protect the eyes from contamination. Did you know that eyes can be a major vector for infection? Protect the eyes by using safety goggles.

Protective Safety Goggles

Face shield is another way to save the eyes from external elements. Transparent and easy to wear, these shields are light weight and manageable as well. So it’s best to be protected and make sure that all of your staff have something to protect their eyes.

Face Shields with Elastic Band

Protective Nitrile Gloves

Though gloves make part of the everyday work apparels for spa and salon professional, the importance of gloves has gone up considerably in the event of Covid-19 risks. Having a pair of disposable Nitrile gloves is the best way to stay safe from common touch points like spa equipment, money, credit cards  etc. These powder free gloves are easy and comfortable to wear and allow the ultimate dexterity of hands while they work.

Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Hand sanitizers

The proven method to eliminate virus, hand sanitizers can be used not just to ensure hand hygiene but also to clean shared surfaces like door knobs, tables and equipment.

Printed 8 Oz Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

Jumbo pack sanitizers like 64 Oz Premier Pure Hand Sanitizers is a good choice. It can be used to refill smaller bottles for every desk. Order in bulk to make sure that you don’t run out of stock as footfalls increase.

64 Oz Premier Pure Hand Sanitizers

Wet wipes are handy to for a quick wipe down of shared spaces. Portable and handy, these can be kept by the chairs or desk of the employees and clients. Customize these to make perfect appreciation gifts to your returning clients.

Printed Mini Tissue Packets

Coronavirus awareness magnets : Remind your clients and crew on the safety tips and best practices with these full color magnets. These can be attached to the metallic boards and tables around to create a handy reminder for everyone who sees it

4x7 Customized Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Let’s be frank about it!  PPE for spas and similar establishments is going to be essential from now on.  Though the risk of viral transmission is something unheard of in businesses like spas or salons so far,  it is time to accept it as part of the new world order  that nobody can avoid. If you are looking for trendy yet effective PPE that aligns with the spa and beauty niche, we can help  you with some of the best PPE you may need to open the businesses with confidence!