Branded Personal Care Items and PPE For Hotels

Though all businesses are affected with Covid-19, some niches like hotels and hospitality are hit the hardest. Travel restrictions and social distancing brought down the shutters of hotels. However, in the wake of restrictions getting eased up in various parts of the world and travel services resuming, hotel businesses are on its come back mode.

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In the new normal world, hotels may need much more than customized gifts to promote their hotel brand  and should adopt various safety measures considering the pandemic risk. As people from faraway places check into hotels, these businesses carry a major contamination risk. That is what makes PPE a must have to protect staff from travelers who may be asymptomatic yet carriers of the pandemic.

We may be seeing a drastic change in the hotel and resort experience in the days ahead. Let’s take a closer look.

1.Automatic bookings and check in may replace the conventional welcome desk facility. This will help to avoid people getting crowded in the front desk, which will further the risk of infection

2.May be buffets lose its relevance forever. Though it has been a welcoming experience, buffets carry the underlying risk of people eating from the same areas and touching different utensils, which may transmit diseases.

3.Hotels may prefer not to run in full capacity and leave rooms vacant to avoid the risks of pandemic. This could means that rooms may be hard to find and more expensive for the guests.

4.The traditional notepads and pens at rooms may be replaced with antibacterial pens and pads;  Mini bars may all be removed to reduce the risks of touch points wherever possible as guests check in and check out.

5.The house keeping teams will have to do an intensive cleaning than in the past. Gloves and gowns will make essential items of PPE sets for them

 Printed iProtect® Antibacterial Ballpoint Pens

Branded PPE For Hotels and Resorts

PPE for hotel staff may sound a bit weird; the idea of hotels looking like hospitals may not be a pleasant one for most people. But at least for the time being, it is the only way to ensure safety of the customers. Custom PPE kits for hotels not just ensure personal safety of their team but will also offer a great branding opportunity as these can be customized with your brand and message.

Printed PPE Value Kit


Cotton masks imprinted with your brand and message are not just ideal for your staff but can also be included in the welcome gift bag of your guests. With facemasks likely to be mandatory in public settings for a long time, custom facemasks will make potent branding tools to get your message across.  Choose from a wide range of models  in various colors and prints. You can even consider bandana masks for a fashion twist.

 Printed Standard Flat Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

No matter what you choose, your guests will definitely love the experience while these masks will end up as lasting reminders of their logo.   Cotton masks are comfortable and breathable and will showcase your brand prominently. Masks are available in various fabrics like jersey, cooling towel material etc.

There are many handy accessories like facemask ear savers that can be used along with facemasks. For instance, your staff who may be wearing masks for a whole shift will find it uncomfortable and often painful. These custom ear savers will reduce the pressures on the ears as the mask can be snapped between the front and back piece to ensure a snug fitting. Brand it with your logo and message and your message will be seen even from the back. Easy to sanitize ear savers can also be used with even hats or head bands.

Face Mask Ear Savers

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers should be placed in every rooms and work stations. Custom wet wipes is another great handout for guests. These offer smart branding option as well. Wipes are great for spot cleaning and for a quick wipe of hands; your guests will always find it useful and your company logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention.

Imprinted Guardian 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers

Another commonplace practice in hotels may be providing Personal protection kits for every guest that comes in. Though every guest may be aware of the risks of travel and pack their personal safety items accordingly, some guests may forget to pack PPE or run out of their supplies during travel. Show that you care by handing out pre-packaged PPE kits that will have all the essential items that the guests may need to enjoy a safe and enjoyable resort experience.

Personal Protection Elite Kit

The anti germ utility tools  is another perfect handout that allows people to safely operate elevator buttons and shared screens without fear of transmission. This tool comes handy to even for your cleaning staff to operate a variety of different machines/items without having to use their hands that may expose them to a high risk of transmission. Get your logo and message imprinted on these to earn a great branding opportunity while your clients are out in the town or on the move.

Anti Germ Utility Tool with Stylus

PPE for hotels is something never heard of and these practices being introduced will be new for your staff. Coronavirus awareness magnets will make perfect reminders for your staff and even guests to remember the safety tips to ensure absolute safety while they stay in the hotel or travel. These full color magnets will stick easily to refrigerators or metallic boards and surfaces.

Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

As there could be an uncertainty in the hospitality industry for some more time, PPE for hotels is going to be essential both for safety compliance and consumer confidence.Make sure to stock up these essential logo items to keep your guests as well as staff safe. PPE sets can also be customized to get your message on top of the minds of your guests and make them feel safe and reassured.

Personal Protection Classic Kit

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