Custom Band Aid- Sure fire Giveaways That Aid In Your Promotion

Band aid was introduced for the first time in 1920 by Johnson & Johnson. Earle Dickson, an employee of J&J, made bandages that stick, for his wife who continually bruised herself during household chores. It was this product that made its way into the Johnson & Johnson product line. From being personal care items, band aids have become highly powerful marketing tools for healthcare businesses these days.

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Offered in various models and sizes, custom band aids can be easily integrated to your marketing campaign . Low cost and compact, these will fit the bills of mailer items or tradeshow swag as well. Whether you use custom band aids as wellness gift bag items or first aid box items  at home or car, your message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention from anyone who sees it.

Original Bandage Dispenser with Standard Bandages

Band aids keep the recipients feel better. They will be happy to associate your brand with wellness and care and they will even be inclined to talk about your thoughtful gift to their friends and family, which in turn will take your message into a wider realm. The best and the most effective promotional items are indeed logo items that are of use to the recipients.  Band aids are something everyone needs any time. Emergencies, cuts, bruises and nicks happen all the time and your recipients have an instant relief item on hand  while your brand gets their undivided attention!

Imprinted Bandage Pocket Kits

Small enough to fit into an envelope for a mail-out campaign, these can even be dispatched along with your business newsletters or invoices to show that you care. Summer outdoor season and its exciting and adventurous leisure activities also hold the risk of minor injuries. Printing your personalized message on custom band-aids will put your message right on top of the minds of your audience.

Custom printed bandages and bandage dispensers are useful for not just doctors or health care niche; these make handy items for schools, offices, auto repair stores, plumbing, handy man jobs and more.

Here are some models that can be considered

Living Hinge Bandage Dispensers: These sleek and attractively colored dispensers will make a fashionable way to carry band aids in car or on the move!  This dispenser includes 5 latex-free adhesive bandages and can be refilled with any other bandage once the current stock gets over. This compact sized dispenser in 6 cool color choices is easy to manage within pocket, purse or bag.

 Living Hinge Bandage Dispensers

Bandage Dispenser with Pattern Bandages : Bring smile to your recipients faces and help them heal faster with these colorful bandages. This bandage dispenser has an easy-to-fill design and features 5 latex –free bandages in different patterns. This Travel size dispenser will fit easily in purses and wallets.

Bandage Dispenser with Pattern Bandages

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