Popular Deals Of January – Custom Tech Products

It is interesting to watch the trends in custom gifts wax and wane with time. It could be the season, the holiday chart or simply the changing tastes and affinity of the customers, whatever be the reason, custom gift industry continues to evolve and grow at a surprising rate for sure. To keep our clients updated about the trends in custom gifts we have come up with some of the popular tech gifts that have smashed their sales records in the month of January.

Popular Deals Of January

Take a closer look at the tech gifts that topped our list and make these crowd pleasers part of your marketing swag.

Command Music Control Earbuds: Reach out to the music loving audience and gadget freaks alike with these trendy earbuds that have brought a pop of color and style to the musical experience. The in-built microphone along with a volume slide will enhance the functionality of  these sleek earbuds while the Carabiner makes it easy to carry it around wherever they go! Make your business message heard a notch higher with these impressive music control earbuds this holiday season.

Dual Pocket Slim Silicone Phone Wallets: Most people find carrying both the wallets and mobile phones a pain in the neck. Here is a smart solution that will let you travel light by carrying phone and wallets in a single pouch. Offered in a range of holiday season colors, these handy phone wallets will make your brand the talk of the town. Nobody can resist these daily use items for sure!

On-the-Go Car Chargers: These handy gadgets will make a thoughtful gift for people on the move as they can get their devices charged while they drive. Compatible with a standard cigarette lighter ports, these attractive car chargers will grab a lot of attention.

5000 mAh Solar Power Banks: Ideal during outdoor activities like camping and hiking where you may not have access to a ready source of power to charge your devices, these UL listed solar power banks can be used for charging phones, GPS, tablets and many more handheld electronic devices. It makes a great green themed promotional item that will highlight your ecofriendly credentials as well.

Waterproof Phone Pouches: These custom phone cases with waterproof ability will make a handy gift that your recipients will retain for a long time. These clear pouch cases with adjustable cords not just keep their sensitive gadgets safe from the inclement weather conditions but also keep your brand well seen.

BRIGHTtravels RFID Passport Wallets with Lanyard: Convenient to carry essential items such as passport, credit cards, ID’s and cell phones smartly, these passport wallets with lanyards feature an RFID pocket inside for keeping credit cards safe. Imprint your brand and message on these to make your brand part of your promotions.

Which of these trending tech products are you making your promotional swag? Share your thoughts at the comments section.

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