Personalized Recruitment Giveaways for New Employees

Make the new recruits feel at ease on their first day at office while inspiring them to work hard with some amazing custom recruitment gifts.  Choose appropriate custom giveaways that will welcome new employees into your business and make a great first impression in them

Custom giveaways are a great way to boost their morale and make them feel happy to be part of the team. Free gifts are also a great way to create a feeling of loyalty and oneness with the rest of the team while instilling brand values  in them. 

Recruitment gifts will also create a good working atmosphere by building a strong and healthy professional relationship. Landing a dream job is as much a happy moment for the employee as much as the employer considering the long drawn hiring process involved. Branded  recruitment gifts can be simple yet practical to ensure that they work. Promotional giveaways will go a long way in attracting the most qualified candidates and ensure employee retention.

Top Giveaways for New Employees

You can choose from a wide range of recruitment giveaways in every price rate. Here are some popular choices.


Even in digital offices , employees still prefer the old-school way of writing notes down, especially during personal meetings. It is easier to refer back the notes easily when needed. Thus, notebooks imprinted with your logo will make a great marketing tool while being a handy office desk item during seminars, presentations and orientations for the new hires.

Easy to carry wherever they go, notepads will be of use to your employees not just at their work stations but beyond as well. Every time a new team member uses it, they will be reminded of your brand and message. It will happen many times a day, which in turn will enhance your brand exposure.


Pair your custom notepads with printed pens as your recruitment promotional gifts. It will offer dual utility for the recipients; while offering double exposure for your brand. Choose from various models including stylus pens that work both in digital and analog work settings. Every time your employees use custom pens, they will draw easy attention of people around ; which means your message will get a wider audience beyond the primary recipients.


Custom tumblers are high visibility promo giveaways that come handy for your new employees at work, home, or even during commute. Every time they relish their favorite beverage, your brand will stay on top of their minds.  A trendy mug will also make  a great talking topic among their friends.  Show that you care for the employees by handing out these high utility giveaways.

If you need more gift ideas, feel free to explore our complete line of custom corporate gifts.