Now Make Your Brand Part of Everyday Living with Custom Microfiber Cloths

Want to promote your brand every day and still stay on budget? Check out these highly practical custom Microfiber Cloth branded with your logo or business marketing message.

Soft and durable, microfiber cleaning cloths make versatile custom giveaways that will be appreciated by every genre of audience.

Soft and lint free microfiber cleaning cloths lift and trap dirt and moisture easily without leaving scratches or smudges behind. Ideal for highly sensitive tech gadgets like phones, laptops among others, these custom cleaning gadgets are available in a wide range of  colors and price points. Add your logo or tagline on these everyday items to stay in plain sight of the audience and make consistent impressions at one time investment.

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes to complement your branding needs while offering your prospects a long lasting and highly useful handout that they will cherish.

Every time your recipients use these cloths to clean their tablets, cell phones, wireless charging pads or eye glasses , your logo will get not just their attention but that of everyone around too. Custom microfiber cloths make a budget friendly way to build your brand and put your logo in front of the audience.

Make your brand part of the clean and hygienic work spaces and homes of your prospects and show that you care. Dust and debris can kill sensitive gadgets and make the working hours slow. Show that you care for the health of your clients and their expensive tech gadgets by handing out these cloths. The best part is that though microfiber cloth is something everyone needs, not many people actually remember to buy one for their own needs. This will indeed enhance its popularity as a free gift.

Designed exclusively to keep cell phones, computers, laptops, tablet screens, tech devices and eyeglasses dust free and clean, microfiber cloths are available in a palette of color choices as well. Choose your corporate colors or Pantone colors to leave a stronger impact. Reusable and ecofriendly, these custom giveaways are well suited for green themed events and promotions as well.

Best of all, customized microfiber cleaning cloths come with a large imprint area that’s great for branding. Put your  brand name on a display every time your employees and clients do a quick wipe at the start of the day at office  with ultra-soft promotional microfiber cleaning cloths.

Order these soft microfiber cleaning cloths in bulk now for your next trade show or marketing campaign!