How Simple Football Promotions Bring Repeat Clients for Businesses

Football is a passion, profession or a way of life for most Americans. For marketers too, football season is all set to be a hectic promotional season to drive up the sales and make some great leads.

Now that the biggest football season has dawned, it is the best time for everyone to wear the team colors, emulate their favorite football star’s hair style or even a tattoo to show their undying love for this great sport. Football themed giveaways will get a lot of attention during the season for sure!

Here are some tips that will help you get started with your football themed business promotions

Contests and freebies

Contests and freebies are the most popular promotional themes that are likely to be popular this year too. Try to bring in some novelty to make it look different and more engaging . Put on your creative caps to think of some interactive games, contests and fun events that will not just engage the audience with football but with your brand as well.

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A commentary of a Football game

For businesses like cafes, restaurants and sports bars that cater to walk in patrons who spend substantial time  out there, this game is a great choice. Ask the customers to give a commentary of the best games. It is something that both the hardcore football fans and the novices will surely enjoy! Make sure to distribute some football themed handouts like helmet shaped bottle openers, t shirts or football shaped stress relievers among others printed  with your bar logo and tagline to make it a long lasting souvenir of the football promotions.

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Inspire your patrons to Get Off the Couch

Staying at home has become part of the new normal life style for most people. It will take a bit of temptation to get people off their cozy couch and  get them to your  shops. Offer a trendy couch imprinted with your logo and message to those patrons who managed to stay off their couch during the football season. It will encourage the audience to be active, sociable and outdoorsy as well.

Make repeat customers

Ideally your football promotions should turn new patrons into repeat customers even after the football season passes.  Treat the new customers with football themed handouts, referral gifts, special offers and more. Plus add snapshots and videos in your social pages to make them feel special and part of the big game celebration.

Cash back offers

Reward guests for choosing your establishment for the big game by offering coupons that can be redeemed during the following week. This will ensure a steady stream of patrons to your establishment all through without any lean phase.

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