A Helpful Guide On Custom Drawstring Bags

Printed Drawstring bags are the best choice for marketers to reach out to their outdoorsy clients.

Impress your camping crowd, biking enthusiasts or people on the go with these casual and easy to use custom drawstring bags offered in countless models and colors. Budget friendly and gender neutral, these bags will fit in your promotional plans with ease. Ideal to promote any event or brand, drawstring bags are here to stay forever!

Offered in various material choices like nylon, cotton or non-woven, these bags are low on maintenance and designed to last long. The drawstring closure will make it easy for the users to pack or access the contents.

Benefits of promotional drawstring bags


Available in a  wide range of stock colors, custom drawstring bags are incredibly popular among  the young and young at heart alike! Schools, sports clubs and fitness centers will find custom drawstring bags a perfect choice as promotional gifts. Spacious enough to hold everyday staples like water bottles, towels, change of cloth and more while being light weight and trendy, drawstring bags make great handouts for people on the go.


A drawstring backpack has only one main compartment, which makes it easier to find whatever the user is searching for without having to look through multiple compartments.

 Fun to customize

Drawstring bags are easy to customize by adding artwork, logo or taglines. The generous imprint space will allow a perfect creative space for marketers to exploit.


These custom bags enjoy high levels of mobility to users as it can be worn over the shoulders while distributing the load evenly. As the bag bunches tightly at the top, the users can easily stay safe and organized with their belongings.

Easy to care

As drawstring bags do not have zippers and other embellishments, these can be  hand washed or machine-washed depending on the material to keep it fresh as new for a long time.  The low maintenance traits of these bag is what makes it a hot favorite of those who  stay in hostel or commute a lot.

Long lasting

Designed to last long and look great, these bags are ideal for the rough and tumble of everyday use. As the most functional gifts are often the most popular, you cant possibly go wrong with drawstring bags.

No matter whether you wish to use these logo bags as store promotional giveaways, milestone gifts, trade show swag  or business launch gifts , these versatile handouts will never fail to impress the audience and make leads. Shop right away!