Make use of the popular appeal of Magnet clips in your brand promotion

Can there be any home or office without magnet clips on the fridge, coffee machine or filing cabinets? We don’t think so! Magnet clips are small, light weight and handy promotional gifts that everyone will use one time or the other. Employees use it to hold their papers and office documents together while others use it as refrigerator magnets in their homes or offices. No matter how your recipients choose to use these colorful and attractive custom magnet clips, the bottomline is that your logo and business message will never fail to buy easy attention of your users.

Custom Printed Circle Power Clips translucent blue

Magnetic clips ensure repeated impressions and a wide logo display than many other promo gifts that too at a fraction of the cost of other items. Available in a range of novel shapes like heart, alligator, ribbon, star, circle and many more, these adorable clips tick the boxes of a perfect mailer item too.

Hand out these promotional gifts at tradeshows, conventions or corporate events and see how people become die-hard fans of these cute gifts in no time. These top selling promo gifts are perfect to promote any business line that wish to remain right in front of the eyes of their clients. Designed to last long, these clips are reinforced with sturdy spring clips and heavy duty magnetic backs.

Custom Printed Star Magnet With Clips

Magnet clips on fridge or desktops will never fail to grab the attention of your clients. There will always be a take away menu, a little shopping list or a recipe that someone will keep in these clips to keep it easily accessible. Every time your customer fetches a cold drink from their fridge, your logo will be put on display. Can there be a cheeky way to put out your message into the homes and hearts of your clients?

Looking for a perfect event to hand out these logo magnetic clips? Magnetic clips can be used in back to school kits or as items in the welcome kits for employees on the first day in office. These custom products also make useful work desk items for any business that handles loads of paper work including dentist offices, architects, engineers and much more.

Need a promotional gift which brings you easy attention daily for as less as a penny a day? Custom magnet clips could well be your answer. These promo gifts enjoy a high practical value and longer shelf life. Not many people can resist these magnetic clips for some really cool reasons.

  • Magnetic clips can be used to hold office documents and papers to keep their office tables tidy and well organized
  • Clips can be stuck on refrigerator door as hold-all for their shopping lists, must do list and other daily tasks. Nobody will forget these when they happen to see them many times on a single day.
  • Though it may sound a bit quirky, magnetic clips can also be used as chips bag clips too to keep the content fresh and crispy for long since the packet has been opened.

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