Custom Car magnets will turn your car into a moving billboard

Can you guess the favorite fundraising item among Americans? Yes, it is indeed Car magnets- you guessed it right! Why because, car magnets really work and are budget friendly and enjoy a popular appeal among everyone. Custom Car magnets are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and will offer you a billboard to put across your ideas and thoughts to make it personal and stylish. Most vehicles on the road these days look the same. Why not get spotted on the road with these eye catching logo magnets that will promote your message and be a wonderful car door décor!

Personalized 5 Inch Circle Outdoor Safe Magnets

Customized car magnets make perfect promotional ideas for real estate agents, builders, pet supply stores, landscapers and much more. A perfect way to spread your message, promotional products giveaways are easy to use and can also be removed easily without causing damage to the surface. Be it a fund raising event at your school, an awareness campaign or more, car magnets will never fail to deliver.

Car magnets are unique and will gain the attention of everyone from even a distance. Colorful and attractive, these magnets on cars are easily noticed at traffic lights, highways or at parking lots. UV resistant and designed for outdoor use, car magnets may even last longer than your car!

6 to 8 99 Sq in Custom Die Cut Magnets Outdoor Safe

Looking for a budget friendly tradeshow handout to promote your products? Look no further than these business promotional products as anyone will love to have a couple of these brilliant magnets on their cars to make it unique and eyecatching.

The political campaigns are about to hit their crescendo in the coming days and there can’t be anything like these car magnets to impress the electorate. Put these car magnets on the cars of your election campaigners and supporters and see how your election message gets a high decibel promotion.

Now that you have decided to use car magnet for your next promotional campaign, a few handy tips will be of use:

Size does not matter!: Atleast in the case of car magnets, bigger is not better especially if you are planning a fund raising event. Bigger magnets cost more, which makes it difficult to sell more. Bigger magnets do not fit on smaller cars as these cars will have only less metal surface on the rear. Magnets can be stuck only on metal and not on plastic or fiber. Oval car magnets will be a better option as these are visible from a long distance and are visually appealing.

Design matters: A creatively designed car magnet will gain easy attention from everyone and will make your logo well displayed. Use bright colors and bold letters to convey your message in short and simple words.

Quality: Car magnets that are not UV resistant will fade in the sun and rain and will make an eyesore on the swanky vehicles of your clients. So make sure that you settle for premium quality car magnets that will brave the weather elements with ease.

Car magnets will ensure your logo a high speed mobility and brilliant exposure. So, if you have been wondering why the brochures and flyers that you hand out were failing to produce leads, your answer could well be in car magnets. Go for it and enjoy 360 degree exposure it ensures to your message!

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