How Business card magnets will make your business information safe in the hands of your recipients

Ever wished to have a unique business card that not just stands out from the countless ordinary paper cards but also will be retained by your customers? If yes, try handing out custom business card magnets and see the difference it makes! Imprint these business cards with your name, contact information and logo and add a great artwork and your customers will surely remember you.

2x3.5 Customized Business Card Magnets Round Corner Full Color 25 Mil

Budget friendly and ideal for mass events like tradeshows, business card magnets can also be sent as tote inserts or along with mass mailers or gift packs to stay connected with your customers.
Often people misplace or lose paper business cards among the countless bits and pieces of paper in their wallets, work desks and bags. Stylish and attractive, business card magnets can be stuck on any metal surface like fridge doors or filing cabinets and your customers will never ever have a problem finding these vital pieces of information whenever they need these.

Custom 2x3.5 Business Card Magnets 30 Mil Outdoor Safe Round Corner

Handing out your business card magnets at networking events like conventions, is a sure fire way to attract business. People will see it on a daily basis on their refrigerators and your logo will impress them in no time! Attract new customers and retain your existing customer base with these business corporate gifts that will continue to promote your brand from countless homes and offices of your recipients. The best thing is that these cost only a fraction of paper cards.

So, next time you hand out these business card magnets you are rest assured that your recipients will never trash it or misplace it. Afterall, these make delightful refrigerator art and keep sakes too. We have some more benefits of business card magnets for you. We bet, you should be having more in your mind!

  • Customization options: These business cards can be printed in full color with any message, logo or artwork.
  • A range of choices: Business card magnets are available in a range of sizes, shape and color choices that there is something special for all your promo needs.
  • Durable: These magnets hold up well for many years and ensure repeat impressions.
  • Great Value: Budget friendly, yet long lasting, business card magnets ensure the best value for your money as it displays your message indefinitely.
  • High visibility: Business card magnets increases sales and improves name recognition.
  • Practical: Everyone will love these custom magnets and will make use of these and stick them in highly visible areas.
  • Easy to Distribute: Flat and light weight, these tamper-proof business cards can be mailed along with business correspondence or letters in mass scale.

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