Business Card Magnets Will Make Your Logo Stay Forever Among Your Clients

How many times have you seen your business cards being shoved into the back pockets or tossed away in less than a second by your recipients? Countless we are sure!

Custom 2x3.5 Business Card Magnets 30 Mil Outdoor Safe Round Corner

Be it at the tradeshow booths, store openings or events, business cards often fail to make items of a high retention value and this is where business card magnets steal the show!

Business cards help you create the very first best impression among customers or just anyone, so you cannot afford to hand out innocuous business cards that get readily trashed. Give them these trendy business card magnets that they will love to retain forever. Be it on their refrigerator doors, car dash boards, filing cabinets or work desks, these custom products will always be seen and shown off!

Custom business card magnets are very affordable and way cheaper than brochures, flyers or TV advertisements. These last a lot longer too. Imprint your logo, business message, website details or phone number on these attractive magnets to make sure that your customers will have all your contact details right in front of their eyes. Misplaced business cards can even keep your long time customers away from your business, which could prove costly for your prospects.

Promotional 2x3 5 Outdoor Safe Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets can be handed out easily during tradeshows, community events or mass mailer campaigns. The best thing about these logo products is that these can be stuck and taken out easily without causing any damage to the surface. Every time people see these magnets, your logo will enjoy repeated impressions and brand reinforcement.

A quick and customizable reference tool, a business card magnet will make a handy contact point for all your customers. You can choose from exclusive designs and shapes that match your brand theme and fit any budget. Repeated impressions will remind your customers about your business and with the contact information close at hand, they will find it easy to reach you for repeat business. You can even stick these business card magnets on the cupboard doors or refrigerator doors of your coffee shop or restaurant to prompt your customers to ask for your cards.

Business card magnets are great to promote time sensitive or emergency services like day care centers, doctor’s offices, plumbing services, lock services and the like. First time parents will surely appreciate these business card magnets from their doctors as they can keep the contact information readily accessible so that they can contact these emergency services whenever they need.

When an emergency hits, there can’t be enough time for people to search for contact details in their drawers and address books and this is where magnets cards come to the bigger picture. These will never be misplaced or lost and your recipients will be rest assured that they will have all the details they may ever need.

ProImprint has a range of business card magnets of all possible rates, shapes and sizes. Stay ahead with the raging trend and make sure that your business message never goes up for a toss!

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