Labor Day Retail Trends and Predictions-2021

Labor day 2021  is special  considering the fact people are back to their normal working routines after the pandemic wash out last year. Labor Day is a great occasion for businesses and organizations to honor the work force and to appreciate their efforts in making their enterprise successful.

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Started in 1894, Labor Day, an annual celebration of workers and their achievements is considered an important milestone in American history. Traditionally observed on the first Monday in September, Labor Day 2021, l falls on September 6th.  The last major summer holiday for Americans, Labor Day weekend is celebrated with parties, street parades and sporting events among others.


Take a look at some of the retail trends and predictions for Labor Day 2021

44% consumers expect to celebrate Labor Day normally this year and do not expect any pandemic impact.

 Over 3 in 5 consumers are planning grill-outs, barbecues, and family/friend gatherings.  So, businesses can include custom gifts like BBQ sets, storage containers, cutting boards and kitchen gadgets and Labor Day giveaways.

1 in 4 consumers are planning to spend more on their Labor Day celebrations than they have in previous years.

More people will be making purchases on their mobile phones during Labor Day 2021. It is projected to account for the biggest share in e-commerce sales! So, business organizations can make sure that their websites are user friendly and fast to cater to the surging crowd of shoppers.

Free exchange and gifts will be the keys in driving the footfalls during Labor Day. US flag themed giveaways including Keychains, hand fans, magnets are some of the popular gifts to consider.