Custom Labor Day party Ideas and Giveaways To Honor The Workforce!

First Monday of September is celebrated in the United States as Labor Day to thank  all the working men and women and appreciate their contributions. Ever since its inception on September 5, 1882 at New York by the Central Labor Union and other local labor unions, Labor Day is being celebrated with fervor  all over the country.


Labor Day speeches, parades and rallies are some of the main attractions of Labor day, which also happens to be the last hurrah of summer and a great time to host a party. Americans take  less vacation than their counterparts in other western nations. So, it is a great time for planning a great Labor Day party and celebration to honor the workforce that has  played a crucial role in the economy of the nation.

Although Labor Day was started by labor unions, the need to honor work and career expands beyond unionized industries. Businesses big and small can think of some interesting party ideas, gifts and perks for their teams on this occasion. Even if your team is working from home at present, it is important for them to take time off to ensure a perfect work-life balance and prevent  both physical and emotional burnout.

Here are some party ideas

Attend the biggest Labor Day party with your family, friends or employees at  the New York City and soak up the fun of the West Indian American Day Carnival and parades where people hit the streets dressed as public figures and celebrities. Simply join the crowd to have a few laughs. Handouts like custom hand fans or imprinted T shirts, team bracelets, hats etc will make great gift ideas for this occasion.

 LED Light Up Hand Fans

Community events

To express gratitude to the  American work force and celebrate the glory labor, community events and seminars can be organized. Custom banners and flags imprinted with Labor Day messages and artwork will make a smart way to draw more people .

Election rallies

This election  year, Labor Day also  happens  to be  a great time for political parties to kick off their campaigns and hold rallies focusing on the Labor Day event. Custom car magnets   will make  popular and budget friendly giveaways in such events.

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It’s party time!

Labor Day marks the end of summer and a great time for most people to host their last BBQs and pool parties over this weekend. Businesses can throw a party in office or plan a corporate picnic or golf weekend. Make the party a potluck  to make it more interactive and engaging. Custom napkins and stadium cups will make a great way to make your brand part of the  celebration.

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Hand out awards.

Show appreciation for the brilliant contribution of your team by handing out custom awards, which will go a long way in making them feel appreciated and team proud. You can give out awards in various categories like the best team player or the happiest camper among others. Customize the awards with your brand, message and motivational quotes to make it extra special and worth cherishing all their life.

Promotional Pierce Awards - Small


The top performing employees can be  given bonus like a paid vacation day, a restaurant gift card, or cash bonus, which will motivate them to  redraw their paradigms and excel in whatever they do!

A word of appreciation

Think of something personal like a handwritten appreciation note  that will leave your employees truly happy. Planning to go digital? Make sure to use the company’s social media platforms to express gratitude for your staff.

Be flexible

Flexible working hours and work from home options are some of the many measures that can be introduced in your organization over the Labor Day weekend to help your employees strike a work-life balance . Employees will really appreciate this kind gesture as they come back recharged for work after the holiday.

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