How To Practice Digital Wellness Is Your Organization

In a digital world, where most people spend most of their day in the virtual world, it is important to think about digital wellness. Organizations should consider that digital wellness of their employees is as important as their physical wellness. Let’s face it, its true that digital wellness among employees is often overlooked.


In the post pandemic settings, business landscape has changed inside out. We have drifted a long way from the shared offices and working spaces to the confines of home offices. Employees spend most of their active hours on tech devices between work, entertainment and socializing.

Studies have shown that a digital overdose can have its toll on the users- both physically and mentally. Whether it is eye strain,stiff neck and shoulder pain to blackouts and unproductive phases, employees have to handle a lot of issues. The mind and body need breaks and wellness practices to reset and be productive.

Digital wellness day  is observed all over the world on May 1st to support teams, communities and people to empower themselves and  grow in this digital age and help people come together rather than be apart.

 Here are some ways to practice digital wellness for everyone

Take a break!

Make sure to take frequent breaks by getting up and  moving around and looking something apart from the screen. This  will  keep the body supple and prevent muscle pain from remaining seated for long. Hand out blue light blocking glasses to your team to prevent eye strain and reduce the possibility of headaches.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Stay focused while Being Online

Mindless scrolling of the internet can  cause distractions. So, make sure to stay focused on your task and streamline the research to suit the needs. This will help employees make the most of their time online and be productive.  Keep phones away during work hours to avoid distractions during the working hours. Surfing non essential websites or game sites will interfere with productivity and the work completion.

 Engage in Meaningful Interactions

Use technology to stay connected with the right people and forge meaningful interactions with relevant communities or educational resources. Reach out to clients and establish connections that are more human like making a phone call and talking in person.  All work and no play can however make your team bored and dull. So encourage teams to have weekly banter sessions for fun discussions which will be beneficial for everyone.

Remote work burnout is real!

At a time when socializing is near to impossible, it is essential to value the hours outside the work day. Set aside some time for physical exercise, pets, gardening or even non-digital interactions like phone call. It will help your team to stay connected with the world outside and its happenings even when they are locked down inside their homes.

The employees may feel aimless at times. So, business managers should reach out to them to have frank conversations about their pain points. It will be an effective way to get them back to their productivity mode.

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