Kick Off Your Summer Promotions With The Best  Lineup Of Promotional Items

Summer festival season is here. Though it has lost much of its sheen due to the pandemic situation and many events getting called off, it is still a great time for marketers to reach out to their  outdoorsy audience.

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Here are some summer promotional gifts ideas for you to cater to the needs of a highly receptive consumer demographic.

 Stay Hydrated

Some of the most popular music & art festivals and sports events that make the hallmark of American summer are put on hold. However, you can still reach out to the outdoorsy audience through some thoughtful handouts like reusable water bottles that are useful at work, on the move and even at home and not just on concert grounds or the beach.

12 Oz Twig Stainless Vacuum Water Bottles

Choose from a wide range of models including insulated water bottles, plastic water bottles and the trending glass bottles among others. Carabiner sports bottles will make a great choice for the sports lovers and the active crowd. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

24 Oz Crest Carabiner Sports Bottles

Water bags are light weight and compact. This is the best way to keep everyone cool when the sun beats down.

Fanny packs

Whether you are a sports fan, music fan or beach lover, fanny packs are something that you cannot avoid.  Stylish and handy, these make a serious part of every festival outfit. Spacious enough for all the essential items yet compact enough to be worn around the waists, fanny packs may pose a serious challenge to traditional toting options like backpacks or totes during the  outdoor season. Choose from a wide range of models including the transparent fanny packs for the stadium grounds and concert venues.

Clear Choice Fanny Packs

Hand sanitizers: If there’s one thing that should be with you at all times during this difficult time, it is nothing but hand sanitizers. Stay safe amidst the summer crowd by ensuring hand hygiene and keeping the contamination risks at bay. Choose from a wide range of models including gel, spray and liquid.

1 Oz Promotional Logo Hand Sanitizer Gels

Facemasks : These protective coverings will make a formidable barrier against droplets and other elements like pollen or smoke and will cut down the risks of  contracting infections. Choose from a wide range of trendy reusable masks in a pop of fun colors to match your summer fashion. Businesses will find these essential personal safety items a great way to get across their message farther and wider.

Breathable Cotton Face Masks

Sunscreen: Stay UV safe and fresh even in the sunny outdoors. Choose custom sunscreen with insect repellent, which is always good to have!

Handsfree SPF 30 Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

Sunglasses: Your recipients may not bring their most expensive pair of shades to the party; hand out a good pair of custom sunglasses as back up to complete their party look and  help them stay safe from UV rays. Your brand will grab the spotlight for sure!

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

We have a lot more custom gift ideas. Marketing to the summer audience is not only a fun exercise but a perfect occasion to make a strong connection with your core audience. Go all out for it!