Helpful Handouts  To Remind Your Prospects That You Care For Them

New normal is a word that we hear a lot these days. It is a new reality that people have to accept and adjust to for some  more time. Hopefully, it might not last for a long time as the hope of a vaccine being available in a few months is getting stronger. However even when it is gone, we will  surely remember the lessons on hand hygiene and social distancing that we learnt during this pandemic phase  for a very long time.

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Businesses  are coming up with innovative and safe way to conduct business events and tradeshows  through the virtual medium while employers are adopting the safe and sound option of work from home for their team. Although many things will be conducted differently for quite a while, things may get back to near normal in the days ahead.

Businesses need to convey the message loud and clear to their audience and employees that they are with them during these challenging times. When  things get back to normal, it will surely give a boost to their goodwill and reliability.

Here are some of the custom promotional items that can be used by marketers to keep their logo in plain sight of the audience and  foster their relations.  Show that you care  about their wellbeing with these useful handouts  needed in the new normal world.

Hand Sanitizer

As personal hygiene is on everyone’s mind,  promotional hand sanitizer will make a great gift for every employee and client.  Get your logo and message imprinted on these everyday items and your recipients will remember  not just your message but your thoughtfulness in helping them stay safe.

2 Oz Hand Sanitizers with Carabiner


Facemasks are the proven ways to prevent the risks of germ contamination. Choose from a wide range of models including reusable and disposable masks, bandanas and other stylish face coverings that will let your recipients stay safe and stylish. Your brand and message imprinted on these  everyday items will get a lot of display.

Standard Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Personalized Safety Items

Handouts that help your audience to avoid touch points and ensure hand hygiene will make a great addition to your marketing mix considering its relevance in today’s context. From antigerm utility tools, to mask keepers, gloves, face shields, hand sanitizers and more- there is whole  gamut of custom products that can be considered.

Anti Germ Utility Tools

Digital Gifts

With the real world getting shut down due to the pandemic, most people  rely on the virtual world for their entertainment , information and shopping . So, you can hand out  virtual gifts like eBooks, magazine subscriptions, meal coupons  and many others for your audience who may find it a great relief  during these challenging times.  If you are looking for something tangible, Printed Blue Light Blocking Glasses will make  a superb choice.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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