Practical Promotional Products Will Let You Stand Out From The Ordinary!

Giving away promo swag is always fun and fulfilling, but to make it more memorable,  businesses can come up with  high utility gifts that matter. Most businesses give out the same types of gifts year after year, which could lead to monotony among the recipients. Think out of the box and come up with custom gifts that align with the changing life styles to appease  your prospects and make your brand stand out.


Custom Face masks

Facemasks have become a necessity overnight and nobody can have too many!  Choose from a range of interesting  models in reusable masks , brand it with your logo and Voila , you have the best and the most useful promo gift in town. Plus  you are showing that your brand cares about health and well-being. Washable  and reusable, these masks make  great corporate uniform items as well in the new normal world.

Fast Turn Cotton Masks

Mask accessories like ear savers that will prevent the soreness of ears caused by the tight elastic bands of the masks is another useful giveaway. Mask keepers are a handy gift idea on a budget . it will help your recipients to keep their masks safe from contamination and at easy access every time they need to take their masks off.

Face Mask Ear Savers

Head bands
Summer is a great time for everyone to be out in the sun and indulge in the favorite leisure activities. Custom head bands  are available in a  palette of vivid colors and prints that go well with the summer trends.  Choose from a wide range of interesting models like cooling towel headbands with mask support  that will keep you cool even in sweltering summer. Quick drying and quick absorbent, these headbands will keep the users chilled and comfortable during events like marathons or game days. Just imagine the exposure your logo imprinted on these accessories may get!

Printed Cooling Headband Face Mask Holders

 Logo Yoga Mats

Yoga is infinitely popular among Americans. More people practice yoga in this part of the world than where yoga originated!  Yoga mats make a popular custom gift for marketers to spread out their message in front of the audience while inspiring them to be holistically fit, healthy and happy. Available in a  wide range of convenient models like those with carry bags  or straps, yoga mats will make long lasting billboards for your logo. The best part is that these versatile accessories are not just for yoga hours. People use it as gardening mat, beach mats and picnic mats among others.

1/4 Inch Yoga Mats with Carry Bags

Ear buds

Branded earbuds bring together technology and functionality. No matter where you go, you’re likely to run into someone wearing a pair.  Your logo  will get a lot of attention on these sleek tech accessories that  your recipients will find hard to resist and keep away for even a moment! Make it your swag and  get more value for your promotional dollars.

Wireless Earbuds In Case

We have a lot more in our curated list; just let your fingers do the browsing  to find something truly exceptional and a cut above the run of the mill giveaways out there!