Keep Your Team In Good Spirits By Hosting A Virtual Happy Hour

Happy hours and corporate sundowners have all become things of the past literally. With social distancing in place and parties and get-together impossible, most people are forced to let go the fun of happy hours and corporate weekend parties. However, your team can still enjoy the fun and frolic of happy hours and reach out to their peers- online! It will not just add fun to the mundane routine of the team but also ensure better relationships at work.


Hosting a virtual happy hour will be a smart choice at this time when the team is spread out and everyone working from home. Hosting a party online is a breeze thanks to handy video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or Houseparty.  You can see each other, raise a toast, enjoy a chatter session and each other’s company late into the night.

Here are some tips to host a virtual happy hour that your crew will enjoy just as much as their normal after-work parties. The best part is that you don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules. Be your creative best and choose party planning tips that you think will impress your employees. Spice it up with little games and contests to get the party going. Any business can host a virtual happy hour and sky is indeed the limit.

Choose a Happy Hour Theme

Have a dress theme- it can be anything as long as you have fun. As the team is working from home, they even have the luxury to turn up for the party in their pajamas instead of the customary formals!


As everyone will be drinking their own drinks, you can make it a bit more interesting by encouraging the team to share cocktail recipes they can make at home just in time for the next round of happy hours. You can even handout branded wine glasses or bottle opener as a token of their bar skills when they report to work after the lockdown.  It will enhance the fun element and make your employees feel appreciated.

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No happy hour can be complete without games and contest. You can use a game app that can be signed into or go for the classic Pictionary. All you need to do is grab a paper and a marker; watch the timer and guess the drawing!

Take a Company Photo

Post the snap into your company’s Instagram stories to show that even in the most difficult times, you are finding time to enjoy positive moments with employees.

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