How Customers Can Support Small Businesses During The Corono Virus Pandemic

Small businesses rattled by the Covid-19 backlash find it an uphill task to keep their  doors open and carry out day to day business operations. However, customers can do a lot to show their love and support for small businesses. It will make it a lot easier for them to weather the storm.


Buy Gift Cards to Use Later

Small businesses need cash flow to sustain themselves. Do your might by purchasing gift cards that can be used later, buying some Christmas gifts that they may have or ticking off the purchase list for summer. A bit of thoughtful action and support from the customers will go a long way to put back the wind in their sails.

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  1. Opt for Delivery or Pick-Up

With many cities under lockdown, businesses are resorting to delivery and pick-up options. Call your favorite stores to see how you can help them get the goods delivered.

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3.Online Positive Reviews

Positive customer reviews can boost the online presence and credibility of small businesses when things do not seem to go in their favor. Your  5-star reviews will help businesses not just now but even in the future when business picks up again.  People are much more likely to try a service that their friends or family recommends.  Posting good reviews are like giving your favorite shop. free PR- it will never fail to work!

  1. Support their Online Courses or Workshops

Most businesses are coming up with free online courses, and workshops to keep their customers engaged. Take part in it to show your appreciation and boost their confidence. You can even donate for their online programs- it helps!

5.Show appreciation

Send appreciation letters or hand- made thank you cards to show your gratitude to the small businesses in your locality. Tell them what you miss about their business; this small gesture will make a huge difference in their morale- we bet! You can even handout door hangers,  custom magnets or banners for the shop owners to spread the word that they are open!

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Donate What You Can

Donation need not be money; you can even donate goods or even your time. Volunteer and offer your expertise in helping them out in marketing, accounting, or inventory. Spend some time at your favorite shop to know how much you care!