Keep Your Summer Branding Cool with Can Coolers

Nothing says summer as the luxury of having chilled drinks on hand! So, marketers can think of putting their brand and message on one of the most popular summer swag of can coolers- to get noticed easily. In fact, Can coolers are budget friendly, trendy, functional and above all available in a wide range of models.

Here are some of the trending models  for you to invest this summer.

2-in-1 beverage holder

Add a fun twist to ordinary can coolers to make it especially interesting. These custom beverage holders feature Stainless Steel body with Copper Plated Inner.  These vacuum insulated sweat-proof items have a Screw-On, Spill-Resistant Flip-Top Lid that makes it easy to carry around.

Bottle can coolers

Made of laminated Open Cell Foam, these can coolers will fit most long neck bottles. Offered in a palette of colors, these can coolers fold flat and are easy to store in pockets and purses. Further, zippered Closure with O-ring Pull is another feature of these can coolers.

Full color can coolers

Moreover, leave a dramatic effect in the minds of the audience with these full color can coolers. It can also be imprinted with artwork, taglines, fun quotes or something more to make it truly exciting to make it reflect your brand. Therefore, you’ll indeed have one of the most eye-catching giveaways on the trade show floor.

Collapsible can coolers

This compact can cooler is in fact guaranteed to be a hit at your next event. Colorful and trendy, these collapsible can coolers will definitely make a comfortable way to carry cans and keep the beverages cold ; likewise, it folds flat to ship, store, or mail easily. Customize with your logo and artwork to make it stand out against the competition.

Comfort cup sleeves

If you are looking for something simple yet unique , invest in these comfort cup sleeves  that fits securely over the cans. In addition, it fits multiple containers while keeping hands dry. Made of  laminated open cell foam, these custom giveaways can be folded flat for easy storage in pockets as well as in purse; choose from a wide range of color choices.

Slim can coolers

The slim and sleek design of these drinkware items that stay in tune with the changing trends will definitely make heads turn; perfect for  beer or energy drinks, these 8 Oz can coolers are especially ideal for all types of slim cans. Customize these with your message for a  budget-friendly promotion.

Can coolers with carabiners

 The can coolers of your recipients wont go missing anymore as the carabiner makes it easy to tag it with their backpacks  These collapsible, polyester can coolers have foam backing and aluminum Carabiner clip; Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of colors to complement your theme.

Looking for more?  Browse our collection of custom can coolers to pick up models that you found appealing. Should you need more tips, our team is only a call away.