June is National Country Cooking Month- Plan your Promotions

​Celebrate National Country Cooking Month in the month of June, to enjoy traditional  comfort foods that conjure up nostalgic memories of the past. Cooking is an art, and a great excuse to bring together the varied flavors from different parts of the world.

During Country cooking month, celebrate traditional dishes and grandmas recipes handed down the generations. If  you love traditional home cooking, this is a perfect time try something new.

In addition, marketers can plan a food themed promotion to spread awareness about the event, while spreading their brand. Inspire the employees and clients to promote simple, healthy home cooked meals. Apart from being a highly satisfying gourmet’s experience, it will also promote healthy eating . You can thus help them to make a life style change.

You can even plan cookery contests featuring simple and traditional recipes. It will give everyone an opportunity to ask the elderly family members about the well kept secrets of their signature dishes.

Make it  unique

Put your own spin on traditional recipes with new and exciting flavors and tastes to make it exceptional.

Host  cookout parties outdoors

Fire up the grill and add your own favorite flavors to dish out some lip smacking delicacies; just in time for the country cooking month.  Businesses that wish to be part of this event, can even consider appropriate custom giveaways like custom oven mitts, BBQ sets or cutting boards; all printed with their logo and message. It is indeed a great way to keep their brand in front of the audience even after the event.

Why National Country Cooking Month Is Popular

Country cooking is simple and enjoyable: Firstly, country cooking offers wholesome dishes that are easy to cook and will satisfy everyone.

Add your personal touch: In addition, country cooking is that it has no firm rules on the recipes to follow; because you can add personal twist to every recipe to spring up a pleasant surprise.

Cater to the outdoorsy crowd: Country cooking  is for everyone that loves the outdoors. Whether it’s barbecuing or cooking over an open fire,  it is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as much as the goodness of some hearty homely meals straight from the hearth.

Restaurants, cooking classes and spice stores will all find country cooking month a perfect time to enhance their brand exposure. Apart from organizing cookery contests and food quizzes, include kitchen accessories like storage containers, knife sets and other kitchen ware items that complement the theme.

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