A Guide On Custom Hats- Must Read

Custom hat is one such accessory that will give your brand a head start during corporate events, trade shows, employee events and more. A hot favorite of everyone, custom hats are also available in various models and colors as well. You can even choose from a wide range of customization options like embroidery, screen printing and more. Versatile and popular across a people of all walks of life, logo hats will thus fit all your promotional themes.

Easy to customize

Probably what makes custom hats a popular choice among marketers ,is the incredible customization options that these accessories offer.

Embroidery is the most popular customization option. It will impart a classic charm to the caps and is fade resistant. Moreover, it also gives a high quality look to the brand.  You can get your logo or mascot embroidered on the front, back or even sides of the hat to ensure the ultimate visibility.

Screen printing: Cost effective and quick, this customization option is ideal for bulk order caps for game days or trade shows.

Heat Transfer: It is especially a popular customization method for full color designs or artwork with intricate details. It is an ideal method for trucker hats.

Now for some popular models that will fit your promotional theme.

Baseball style hats

Stylish and functional, baseball caps will obviously keep the sun out of the eyes while highlighting their fashion sense. Made famous by base ball players, these caps are also available in a wide range of brilliant colors. Incidentally, the baseball style ball cap is the most popular hat style for embroidery.

Dad Hats

Classic  and  comfortable, these caps are worn by everyone and also offers a lot of customization scope. These hats are basically a simple 6-panel baseball cap with unstructured front panels and velcro closures. The curved rim, relaxed fit and vintage finish will indeed give it a relaxed vibe.  The best part- it will look good on everyone!

Trucker Hats

Tucker hats are adjustable and have a high foam crown and a breathable mesh in the back.  Originally designed for trucker drivers and farm workers, these hats are indeed popular among everyone these days.

Bucket Hats

The downward drooping brim is the highlight of these hats. It was originally designed as a  cap  to protect the Irish fishermen and farmers  from rain. However, today, it has become a fashionable accessory for the modern users.

If you wish to make custom hats your promotional giveaways , explore our collection to choose models that match your theme.