Bar Promotions Just Got Better with These Popular Handouts

Summer will typically see a surge in business for bars and breweries as the outdoorsy crowd raise a toast in the company of their friends. So, if you are planning an ambitious bar promotion, it is indeed the best time.

Here are some great custom gifts  that will help you popularize your tavern and your signature drinks like never before.

Bar promotional items you should consider

Make it fun with glow in the dark cocktail glasses and swizzle sticks that will make your event fun and unforgettable. It will indeed light up the night and draw easy attention of the customers. Customize it with your brand and message to make it truly unique.

Glow shot glasses is another excellent marketing product that will literally put your brand under spotlight. It will increase your brand visibility.   Bring in a fun twist to your custom messages by imprinting interesting bar jokes, that will ensure a fair share of lighter moments  for the customers.


Coasters may not be specific handouts for bars; but make high utility items for food and beverage niche. Choose from a wide range of models including stone coasters, and bamboo coasters among others. Your brand on these everyday items will get a lot of attention for sure.


Bottle openers

Often  basic handouts like bottle openers will go a long way to popularize bars, thanks to its high utility. Available in a wide range of models, bottle openers will indeed make a budget friendly way to get your message into the hands of the audience.  Interestingly, bottle openers often change hands during sundown hours and weekend parties at home or offices.  Thus, your message will reach a fresh set of  prospects, without virtually any repeat effort from your end.


Brand the interiors

You can even  brand the interiors of the bar to  leave a lasting impression. For instance, consider table runners printed with your brand. It will engage the clients with your message in a light hearted yet effective way as they relish their beverages.

Custom flags and banners will enhance the visual appeal of the bar and will make  it stand out in the crowded  street. It will make it easy for everyone to spot  your bar as well; and hence make an effective method to influence the potential customers.

Wish to know more about promotional bar products? Reach out to our team for inspiration.