Interesting Handouts To Promote Food Service Business

The virus pandemic has left its impact on every business niche especially small businesses that feel the pinch more.  However, for the food service industry there has been an increase in take-outs, and delivery service in the event of lock down.


Recent reports published by Yelp say that restaurant delivery and take-outs have increased 300X more than before COVID-19. Whether it is pizzerias, chicken wing business or  farmers markets- most food related business have been getting decent orders and the trend is likely to continue till the travel restrictions are lifted.

If your food service business carry out prompt delivery during this crisis, your brand will remain on top of the minds of your prospects for a long time. Food delivery services play a crucial role, in sustaining people at these trying times by keeping their hunger pangs away while they have to remain at their own homes.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that more than ever, food connects us today. By serving the customers, businesses can build a strong relationship with new and existing customers. Make sure to include a custom promotional gift in your  food container as a feel-good reminder of the service you rendered during this critical time.

2-Section Lunch Containers  This microwave safe, BPA free plastic containers with fork and knife will make a great way to deliver the food that your customers ordered. These attractive lunch containers bearing your logo and message will be reused many times while your brand appreciation goes up exponentially.

Imprinted 2-Section Lunch Containers

Tote bags: Get the food takeaways packed in these attractive and reusable tote bags and  see how your brand remains fresh in the minds of your customers.  For your recipients, these stylish totes will make a great talking topic and a pleasant way to remember your services when things get back to normal!

Imprinted Eros Tote Bags

Printed 3-Ply Hand Towels: Made of recycled fabric, these hand towels will make an ecofriendly alternative to paper napkins. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a long terms exposure as your recipients carry it in their lunch bags on the go or at work.  Get consistent brand impressions at one time investment with these popular handouts that are incredibly useful!

12 x 17 Inch Custom Printed 3-Ply Hand Towels

There are a lot more custom gifts that can be considered including chip clips, oven mitts, bottle openers , can coolers and much more. Browse our complete line of custom products and shop easy to impress your food savvy audience