Promotional product impressions – Custom Drinkware ( infographics)

The ASI Ad Impressions study 2019 will give you a fair idea of what is hot and what is not!  With 88% ownership, promotional drinkware items are the second most owned custom gifts in the US-  just a shade behind pens.


Custom Drinkware is Popular not for nothing!
With 88% of consumers reportedly owning custom drinkware items, it makes a great handout to put your brand on the move! So, marketers looking to invest in products that are sure to work can put their dime on these logo items with confidence.  Let’s examine a few factors that make them the crowd favorites!

High retention

Custom drinkware enjoys an average retention of 12 months! Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get every day! Whether your recipients use it for their morning coffee in the morning, fresh juice on the way to work or sip their daily fix of water all through the day!

Lowest cost per impressions

Drinkware has very low cost per impressions, which make them ideal for mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns. For instance, a pen that costs $7 will have a CPI of less than 1/2 of a cent per impression.

Incredibly popular!

84% of baby boomers own promotional drinkware items, which show its popularity across the different demographics. So, if you have a diverse audience group and you  need  promotional items that will impress both the young and the young at heart, look no further than custom drinkware items.

High Brand impressions

Drinkware makes over 1400 valuable impressions during its life time, which makes it one  of the most potent marketing tools.

Drinkware Items are well appreciated

71% of  millennials state that they would be more likely to do business with marketers that gave drinkware items  as freebies.

Limitless options

Promotional drinkware items offer a lot of options to cater to the diverse needs of the contemporary users. Be it fitness bottles, vacuum insulated metal tumblers, classic ceramic mugs , eco friendly models like wheat mugs or something fanciful like color changing  cups, you get it all and more

Everyone needs drinkware items; to stay hydrated  while at work or on the move. These make great talking topics and a veritable addition to every home or office work desks. Regardless of what type of promotional event you decide to organize, you can easily find promotional drinkware items that will leave a lasting impression among your audience.