How to Swag Like a Pro in Trade Shows

Let’s be frank about it. Trade shows are overwhelming. But with the right promotional tools on hand, it will be a golden opportunity to make connections, valuable leads and ensure a broad spectrum marketing of your brand across both B2B and B2C segments.

Getting started

 Trade show swag is an obligatory part of every trade show. After all, it is the only thing that will remind your attendees of your brand after the event. However, it could be challenging for marketers to find unique and budget friendly custom giveaways that will stand out in the competition. Think of coming up with swag that your competitors may not have thought about, to leave the best impression.

Deliver a better ROI

Here are some tips that will help your brand ensure a better ROI for your marketing and advertising goals. Choose giveaways that will surprise your audience while making your team empowered to deliver this promotional item.  You don’t need giveaways with bells and whistles to leave an impression as you may think. Often practical gifts like water bottles and pens make classic trade show merchandise that are hard to beat. 


Engage  Your Core Audience

Water bottles make countless impressions during  its shelf life and will even engage them with your brand on an emotional angle. Every time they stay hydrated, they will be reminded of your brand.

Customize to make it interesting

Adding a personal message or a quirky and unexpected tagline will drive up the appeal of your promotional item manifold. So, let your creative juices flow to think of something out of the ordinary that say about your brand. Writing on custom giveaways can be exciting as it will not only remind your clients about your brand but the  fun loving profile of your business as well.

Choose a theme

Even while being trendy, it helps to have a common promotional theme to bring strangers together around it. Whether it is a popular idea or joke, this message will inspire the audience to feel part of the whole branding. They will surely be excited about the participation with your brand.

Handy items are the best

Choose light weight handouts that are easy to carry around to make sure that the attendees do not leave it behind.  Portable swag will get regular and higher usage than items that are bulky or brittle.

Some of the handouts that can be considered include pop sockets that will get a lot of attention from the audience while making affordable return on  your investment. Sunglasses is another brilliant choice because everyone needs a good back up pair as they wont carry their most expensive pair to the party or outdoor fun. Customize it with your message to make it memorable and engaging.

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