Webcam Covers : Trendy and Functional Gifts

Webcams are hacked every day, which in turn poses a serious cyber threat to people all over the world. In this digital age, as most people use devices that have front-facing cameras, the importance of handouts like webcam covers  is more than ever before.  These little covers will shut out the private world of the  digital users  from the prying eyes of hackers.

Let’s be frank about it. Cyber security is a very serious issue; and web cam covers make a very simple solution! Read on to find how these budget friendly and ubiquitous items of webcam covers are a marketing pot of gold.

Basic essentials

Web cam covers  are sleek and small covers made of plastic or  metal, which can be moved over your computer’s camera,when it is not in use. The slider  allows  your recipients to keep the camera open or shut as per their needs. So they can open only when they need to! As the  adhesive does not directly touch the camera, the webcam quality is not affected as well.

Budget friendly

Web cam covers are budget friendly yet great promotional gift ideas. These handouts will indeed go a long way in enhancing the cyber security of your clients .  Starting at prices of only a few cents, webcam covers  make excellent handouts for mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns.

As corporate gifts

Whether you work at  home, office or call center,  the  camera  of gadgets like computers, tablets, and phones will always be pointing at you. So, webcam covers will help  your employees to go about their digital tasks, without the risk of compromising their privacy and confidentiality of data they are handling .

In addition, webcam covers are something people may require to order online, as these are seldom available in stores. So, your employees will appreciate these high utility and unique corporate gifts like  webcam covers. It will easily draw them closer to your brand while promoting a better equipped workforce. So,  from a functional point of view can there be  a better option than custom web cam covers for your employees?

Brand awareness

Your logo imprinted on custom webcam covers will remain in plain sight of not just the recipients, but even people around . Thus, it can be very effective for increasing brand awareness and enhancing the professional image of your company.


Webcam covers are crucial in protecting ones’ privacy. The best part is that these versatile giveaways are useful for computers, phone and tablet cameras!

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