How To Observe Labor Day Amid COVID-19?

Labor day 2020 may not have much to offer to celebrate due to the difficult times unleashed by COVID-19. However, on an optimistic note, it is  a great time for organizations to bring about positive reforms in the lives of millions of workers out there.

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Labor Day  that dates back to 1886 was started to honor the work force and ensure employee rights. It has indeed  come a long way since its inception.  Labor day is not just famous for its customary rallies that highlight the spirit and solidarity of the working class. This is also the day when workers and employers get together and showcase their  team strength, unity and strength.

However, in 2020, what does Labor Day celebrations mean to an average American worker amidst the pandemic and how businesses plan to  observe it?

Job security

One of the segments that have been hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world has been the labor workforce. Described as the worst global crisis since World War II, the pandemic has left its mark especially in the informal and unorganized  job sector.  However, with the right measures, the impact can be minimized. Ensuring job security and allaying the fears from the minds of the workers is the foremost priority for most organizations and government agencies.

Lessen the burden

ILO  has suggested a spate of measures like extending social protection, supporting employment, extending financial support for specific economic sectors and tax relief to workers to make it possible for them to sustain themselves.

As both workers and businesses are facing equal financial and mental stress during the pandemic, working together is the best way to find solutions to the vexed issue. Only development models that focus on the financial and physical wellbeing of employees can help organizations to come out of these challenging times unscathed. Employees are the biggest assets for any successful company and the pandemic  has  been a great time to highlight this message.

 Health and safety

Ensuring the  basic health and safety standards is another top priority area for businesses. Whether it is implementing health insurance schemes or adopting workplace wellness measures, there is no room for any slackness anymore. From food, accommodation, travel, and work,  the focus has indeed shifted to the workers post pandemic.

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Show that you care

Make your team feel wanted  and appreciated by taking them into confidence. As most people are working remote due to social distancing mandates, employers can reach out to them through virtual meetings to show that they care and reduce the mental stress of the team. Personal safety items like hand sanitizers, facemasks, PPE items etc customized with your brand and message will make tangible reminders of  your brand, which will go a long way in evoking team spirit and loyalty.

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To conclude, this Labor Day will make a perfect time to honor  the determination and hard work of countless workers who have kept the economy up and ticking despite being hit the hardest by the COVID-19 crisis.

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