How Restaurants Can Use Technology To Ensure A Successful Re-Opening

Restaurants across the U.S are still groping the dark about how and when can they reopen and function normally  as uncertainty continues on  how disruptive the pandemic will continue to be. With strict personal safety norms and social distancing in place, restaurant patrons may find  eating out a less than enjoyable experience . However, restaurants can take their patrons into confidence by making use of the latest technology to ensure  a delightful dining experience without compromising their personal safety.


Let’s face it. Consumers have many reasons to be concerned about staying safe and recent surveys show that 62% of respondents felt that face masks  will make an important item in restaurant health measures while returning to indoor dining. 59 % people felt that disposable, single-use menus could be crucial while 54 percent shared the opinion that temperature check for staff and guests should be made mandatory.

Restaurants need to maintain vigil and the best wellness practices in the days ahead to meet customers’ expectations and develop trust. Brands that take wellness seriously and  go the extra mile to implement the safety regulations will survive this crisis far better than those that do nothing but hope for a miracle cure.

Technology and innovations will go a long way in ensuring greater protection and enhancing efficiency for restaurants in the current situation.

Touch-less Orders and Payments

The guests can be handed out custom no-touch utility tools to keep safe from filthy touch points in customer kiosks while the wait staff will find these anti germ tools a smart way to operate their shared tablets and payment machines. It will certainly reduce the chances of exposure of germs.

Anti Germ Utility Tool with Stylus

Better still, the restaurants can even let their patrons browse through menus on their personal smartphone or tablet to place order and pay for their meal. Popular payment options like Google Pay will make it easy for anyone to pay easily after dining. This will let the guests avoid handling credit cards or cash and exposure to germs in the process.

Popularize Takeouts

As the dine- in risk still persists, restaurants can promote online orders, takeaways and deliveries. Surveys show that 42 percent of respondents preferred ordering  food online during lock downs.

Prevention is better than cure!

Any pandemic situation is all about prevention.  Make sure to handout facemasks and hand sanitizers  to your patrons as a complimentary gifts to convey  the message that you care for their personal safety. Customize these with your logo and message to make it a portable advertising for your brand.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Automation is everywhere!

Automation has gone up manifold and has spread its roots to even kitchen and beyond from the front office booking desks. Video screens in kitchens will improve order accuracy and compliance to safety norms, which in turn will keep the patrons confident  about choosing your establishment.

Restaurants in various countries have employed themed robots to greet customers, check temperature and seat guests apart from serving the guests and clearing the table.  This will reduce human interaction and the chances of the germs getting spread. It will make a smart move to optimize the productivity of your team; as the staff can utilize their time and effort on creating great food and delighting customers while the robots take care of  the everyday tasks like welcoming the guests.

Are we already in the Jetson era where robots and autonomous vehicles taking over various manual tasks to ensure more hygiene and speed ?

UV light sanitizers

You can set up a UV light phone sanitizer case at the reception desk to help the guests sanitize their phone, keys or other small items before they enter the restaurant .

HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

You can also explore the potential of infrared mirrors to monitor the temperatures of guests in a subtle and non intrusive way. It will help the management to make sure that no sick person is in their establishment.

Adopting the latest technology and safety measures will allow the restaurants to ensure top class  hygiene and cleanliness in their establishment and ensure an enjoyable and safe dining experience for their patrons.