Top Networking  Tips For Small Businesses – Must Read

Net working events like tradeshows are extremely effective and rewarding for your business to be noticed and make new leads. It sets a perfect platform for you to meet other like-minded business owners and clients under one roof, that may not have been possible otherwise. Networking events throw open tons of business opportunities, which can be especially crucial for small businesses or start ups.


Tradeshows  offer a great learning experience as well to fine hone your business skills and interact with some of the stalwarts in your niche. Here are some top tips and proven strategies that will take your small business to the next level,

 Set your goals

Having a clear set of goals on mind will help you chart the best course and plan your words and actions both during and after the event. Make a note about the  type of people you would like to connect with during the event.  It will give you a clear idea on how to make the most of the time that you attend the event. Meeting everyone that you bump across may not be productive in networking events. Forging strong and meaningful leads is  what matters. Set reasonable expectations regarding the number of expected attendees  and plan your event accordingly. It will help you to  come up with a concrete plan and a perfect execution to make your event successful.

Prepare your elevator pitch

An  elevator pitch on who you are and what you do  is the secret of making your booth a crowd magnet.  Having a perfect opening will impress your attendees and  enhance your confidence alike. Elevator pitch will help to share the most compelling, relevant and engaging information that you want to pass on to your attendees.

 Carry the right tradeshow items

Make sure to carry all the essential tradeshow items like brochures, business cards, notepads, pens and custom gifts to be well equipped and resourceful. Budget friendly items like pens, totes or magnets will make great tradeshow swag if you  are on a budget. Make it customized in an interesting way to make it special

 Spread the word with your audience

If you have a list of emails of your existing clients, send mailer s announcing them of your tradeshow participation well in advance. It will help them to attend the business event without fail.  In the case of large events you can create  an app or a designated Facebook Group to enhance your visibility and ensure a decent crowd at your booth.

Collect contact details

Collect and tabulate contact leads or get business cards from the attendees for follow up after the event. You can manage a data sheet of all the essential information  for easy reference and meaningful follow up.

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