How To Double Mask to Cater to the New PPE Recommendation

Double masking is not a mandate nor is its benefits proved by scientific studies. However, even going by mere commonsense, double masking ensures maximum protection from the pandemic transmission by doubling up your face masks.


Here is everything you need to know about double masking.

Double masking is all about pairing up cloth masks with surgical masks to make a highly effective method for preventing the spread of the pandemic.  Cloth masks made of heavyweight quilter’s cotton with a thread count of 180 or more are considered the most effective because it ensure better layering and higher protection.

The correct method of double masking is to wear a surgical mask first and then layer your cloth mask on top of it.

Choose cloth masks of various models and types for double masking.  Organizations can help their clients and prospects to easily comply with the recommendation of double masking by handing out custom printed face masks. It will be a great way to show that you care apart from being a brand reminder that will never be missed!

Choose multi layer cloth masks that ensure better protection. Models that bring together the best of fashion and functionality like full color imprinted face masks are a great choice. Designed to fit most face sizes, these masks will match every apparel styles as well.Though cloth masks can never be  a replacement for N95 masks, which filter 95% of particles, these will still help reduce transmission.

Made in USA 3 Layer Face Masks

How to Double Up

If your cloth mask has multiple layers and/or an inserted filter, you have an effective PPE piece available to you. If you are using cloth masks with a single or double later design you can wear a surgical mask beneath or wear cloth masks to ensure better filtration.

By adding a surgical, disposable mask underneath the cloth mask, you can ensure better fit and higher protection. Double layering will cover up the gaps around the mask, ensuring better protection. Surgical masks cover the user’s nose and mouth from droplets and splashes and offer about 62% to 65% filtration when worn properly.  It is official- The most effective method of prevention and protection comes from layering.

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