Double Masking- The New Guideline For Slowing The Pandemic Spread 

Wearing Two masks instead of one will ensure better protection and will be crucial in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Now, the CDC recommends the same as their latest findings shows that wearing a reusable cloth mask on top of a surgical mask will enhance the fit of the surgical mask and ensure better protection.


Closer the fitting of the mask fewer will be the gaps between the mask and your face through which the infectious droplets can enter.  Laboratory-based experiments highlight the importance of good fit to optimize mask performance. Double masking and layering reduces the porosity of your face covering and make it more effective in protecting you from those infectious respiratory droplets.

Apart from common sense, the concept of double masking is supported by scientific studies as well. As the virus is more transmissible, every exposure carries the likelihood of leading to spread. To arrest the spread, everyone should stick to the safety guidelines including social distancing, avoiding crowded public places, wearing masks and staying away from closed indoor spaces among others.

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Face masks are effective in blocking respiratory droplets that contain germs. Double masking will ensure additional layers to block the droplets, which in turn will reduce the risk considerably. The more the layers the better will be the protection.

Wearing cloth masks over surgical masks will ensure optimal protection from exposure. Many cloth face covers offer little protection depending on the material, number of layers and fit and that is why layering becomes important. Choose three layer cloth masks that include two tightly woven cloth layers with a filter material between.

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When to wear two masks

Double masking is recommended while you are in the proximity to people outside of your household. Wearing two masks won’t make you feel suffocated by hampering the oxygen flow. The size of an oxygen molecule is way smaller than the pore sizes of masks. However, double masking could be far from comfortable, but it is the safest option to stay safe.

It may take some time for people to get used to wearing two masks, especially during walking or workouts.  But a little discomfort is the small price you pay to stay safe from the virus and being responsible for not spreading it.

How to double mask

You can either wear one cloth mask on top of another to enhance the protection level of your face covering. However , a different combination of wearing  a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask is found to be more protective in studies. The surgical mask acts as a filter and the cloth mask provides an additional layer of protection while ensuring better fit.  Two well fitting masks can produce an overall efficiency of over 90% for particles 1 micron and larger, which makes it effective in slowing the transmission of virus.

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