Crowd Pleasing Promotional Products to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy 

Imprinted gifts play a key role in making brand names popular and crowd pleasing. Freebies are hard to resist. When marketers hand out high utility gifts, it will evoke a sense of reciprocity in the minds of the prospects, which in turn will inspire them to support your brand. The best part is that custom giveaways will make long lasting reminders of your brand that will get your audience talk and think about your business.

Here are some popular  gifts that make a great addition to your marketing mix.



The fair weather season of summer and spring is the best time to hand out these colorful and trendy custom umbrellas that bear your logo and message. With a lot of golf events, carnivals , fairs and festivals on the cards, umbrellas will make a great gift choice for every business niche. Choose from a wide range of popular models like inverted umbrellas, hands free umbrellas, antiwind umbrellas and a lot more. Your logo and message will get a premium real estate in the form of the canopy of umbrellas. Get creative with your branding to make a promotional gift that cannot be ignored.

Promotional Full Color Golf Umbrellas

Custom Tote Bags

Studies show that 50% of consumers are more likely do business with advertisers that choose custom bags as handouts. One of the popular giveaways ever, promotional tote bags are highly prevalent marketing tools. Highly useful, long lasting and versatile promotional bags are hard to resist.

No matter whether you wish to hand out custom totes as trade show swag, employee gifts, fund raising items or more, you cant go wrong with these popular gift items. Choose from a wide range of models in every price rate and leave a lasting impression.

If you are planning a sustainable promotion, choose models like cotton tote bags or canvas totes that are reusable and eco friendly. Looking for a popular  trade show swag? Nothing can beat the popularity of tote bags. Let’s be frank about it, promotional totes are insanely popular promotional items, and fact and figures prove it beyond doubt.

Cruising Tote Bags with Rope Handles

Bags take credit to a very high number of impressions because these are often used in public places. Plus these have a high-staying power and multiple uses as well. Whether it is as picnic bags, travel bags, school bags or grocery bags, totes can easily fit into the daily errands of your audience with ease.


Custom apparels like jackets or polo shirts  imprinted with your company’s logo  and design  reflects your company’s identity effectively. Everyone is a hard core fan of apparels going by the reports that 70% of consumers keep their outerwear for a year or longer. Choose from a wide range of models. The high visibility imprint space is indeed the trump card of custom apparels!

Women's Belmont Polo Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Need more gift ideas? Browse our custom gift list to choose the best.