5 Great Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day (Infographics)

Love your pet day is an unofficial holiday celebrated every year on February 20th since the early 2000s. It is a perfect occasion to show how much you care for your furry companions and to be part of the social cause of adoption of homeless pets.

Here are some paw-some ways to celebrate the day and make your pets feel special


Celebrate your pet on social media.

Share your love for pets by joining a community of pet lovers on social media by posting a few cute snapshots of your pets to celebrate the day.

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Shop for your pet

Indulge in a shopping spree to ensure a makeover that will leave your cute companions happy.  Light up dog bone strobes that will keep your pets safe and visible at might during strolls is a great gift choice.

Plan a holiday trip

Pets make great companions during road trips and holidays. Give your pets a well deserved break with a well planned holiday trip. Dress them up in bandanas to make them holiday ready!

Get some special Treats

Pamper the pets with these nutritious dog bones or bake some home- made treats that feature their favorite flavors and choicest ingredients to make the day even more special.

Fix up a grooming schedule

Give your pet the luxury of a full ‘spaw’ treatment at a pet stylist to make your pets look good and smell their best.

Even non-pet owners can be part of the event by donating money to a local shelter or volunteering for a nonprofit pet care organization. They can also  be a dutiful pet sitter during the day while their friends are at work or need to travel. best of all, they can adopt a pet themselves to experience the sheer joy of being a pet owner.

Pet owners can be proud that there’s an exclusive day designated for them and their pet of choice. Have fun celebrating!