Handy Tips to Consider while Upgrading Your Office Coffee Mug

Customized office coffee mugs make great publicity items, team spirit swag and will add a speck of your corporate color to the work desks. Cost effective, functional and diverse, custom mugs these will pair well with any popular beverage that your team likes. In the modern day, dynamic office spaces where employees do not remain seated at their chairs all day, the relevance of coffee mugs is more than ever as they need a stylish mug to carry their beverages and relish it whenever they like!


So, if you think that you need to upgrade the coffee mugs to suit the flexi and casual working style of today, here are a few tips to consider.

Insulated coffee mugs: These will match the modern life style, wont break if you drop it and best of all won’t make your coffee go cold easily. Your employees can take these trendy drinkware items on the drive home, or out for a walk in the park. Choose from a wide range of models and colors.

12 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Long lasting heat insulation

These tumblers keep your drinks hot  or cold for a long time just by keeping the lid tightly on your cup.  Your employees  can save the effort and time of refilling their cups just because the coffee turned cold.

Coleman® Lounger Can Stainless Steel Coozies

Spill resistant

 Spilling coffee is a norm in most busy work places. Apart from the awkward moments and stains on the apparels, it can even damage the sensitive gadgets around and hamper the work as well- in the worst scenario. Spilt coffee  indeed  can burn your skin, ruin your clothes and create office tension. These insulated metal tumblers with lids will keep the liquids safe and well contained , which means that you are rest assured  of a smooth work flow sans any  hiccups even in the event of the cup getting knocked down.

 20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers


Your team can easily take these filled tumblers while they are out for a walk or even when they are driving back home without any spills and mess  as long as they keep that lid on. It fits most car cup holders, too, so you can easily take it with you on a drive even on a bumpy road.

15 Oz Cozumel Tumblers

Eco friendly

Reusable cups are ecofriendly as these won’t end up in the landfills. Plus your recipients can even get discounts in popular coffee chains like Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Seattle’s by bringing their own refillable cups.  Insulated cups reflect your sustainable life style and brand image, which in turn will enhance the goodwill of your business.So, if an office coffee mug upgrade is on the cards you know the best way to go about it.

Woodtone Himalayan Tumblers

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