How To Celebrate Halloween 2020 Safely During The Pandemic

Halloween is not all about spooks and scares, it is also big business in most parts of the world including the US. The National Retail Federation had put the retail spending of Americans at 8.8 billion in 2019 between costumes,decorations and candy.

From five weekends in October to two full moons, and the end of daylight saving time falling during Halloween night, 2020 might have witnessed one of the biggest tourism spectacle, but for the pandemic.


Though the disappointment among the revelers and the retailers is palpable, there is a beacon of hope as people wait for a magical cure for the pandemic that will put things back on track. Though most businesses are turning digital, there is still scope for fun contests, store décor, custom Halloween handouts  and  trick or treat bags.

In 2020, the cities, towns and retailers are expecting a subdued Halloween celebrations due to the pandemic risk and social distancing norms. Some high-profile events at Disney’s theme parks and Knott’s Berry Farm have already been canceled. Though it is still not clear how Halloween may look like during the pandemic, people are optimistic that the celebrations won’t be cancelled altogether. Everyone will surely be excited to celebrate Halloween even in a muted form.

Halloween candy displays have arrived earlier this year in the summer months itself. Though the fate of trick-or-treating and spooky fetes remains to be seen, candies have started popping up in family-sized packs and as autumnal treats.

See how you can adapt your plans for a safe Halloween celebration.

Masks are mandatory: Stick to the mask mandate; even if you are planning to wear a scary mask, make sure to wear a multi layer face mask underneath to stay safe from the risks of droplet infection. Businesses can hand out custom face masks in the community to show that they care.
Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Small is beautiful: Costume parties can be held for small groups and in compliance with the social distancing norms.

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Trick-or-treating at home:  Kids can go to the different rooms in their house to collect candy instead of going to the houses in the neighborhood. Small, individual candy bags can be left outside for trick-or-treaters, leaving them six feet apart for safety.

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Home is where the heart is! Hosting a small Halloween party at home in compliance with the safety norms is going to be a feasible option this year. That means putting on a mask, and not inviting the entire neighborhood  for the haunted house party.

In the days ahead, cotton cobwebs may pop out and people search online for pumpkin flavor recipes and creative Halloween costume ideas like crazy. Halloween is  indeed in the air!

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