Checklist  To Choose A Perfect Custom Apron For Restaurants

With the holiday season and the big fat thanksgiving feasts and Christmas parties in the threshold, restaurants can expect a busy time ahead even amidst the pandemic. Branded uniform items like aprons ensure a wide angle  brand display and easy attention for restaurants. It is especially useful  to get a  few easy eyeballs during food trades hows, cookery fests and other well attended events.


Custom aprons are no longer a functional accessory that is designed to keep stains and spills away. In hospitality, aprons make superb branding options. So, make sure that you have a perfect custom apron that will make your team stand out and expose the brand in style.

If you are planning a makeover of aprons for your uniforms, these tips will guide you to get the best apron for your needs plus to make your logo pop!


Choose colors that match your brand color to enhance your brand identity and help your audience to relate to it easily. Get your logo and message imprinted on it to make it unique.  Highlight your specialty dishes or the taglines to pack a punch and make your custom aprons look interesting.

Charlie Cotton Grill Aprons

Apron Length

Though there are no fixed rules on the length of the apron, you can choose a model based on the functionality. Ideally it should protect the apparels of your chefs from stains and spills and prevent it from getting wet. Aprons also make a handy way for the chefs to wipe their hands clean often. So, take all these into consideration while choosing a model.

From a fashion and branding perspective consider how aprons of different lengths go with the rest of your uniform.  If you have an imprinted T shirt as uniform , then a shorter apron down the waist will be a better choice as you may not want to cover these trendy T shirts with a full-length apron. Full bib aprons imprinted with your brand will be a cheaper branding option than a pair of apron and a T shirt. Consider all your options and come up with  the most appropriate choice.

Non-Woven Full Aprons


Price is a decisive factor as in any other purchase. Consider the options that fall within your budget and make a decision.

Printed Aprons with Pocket and Adjustable Neck Clasp


From comfortable cotton to polyester and denim or canvas you have more choices around than what you realize.  Choose a fabric choice that meets the needs of your employees. You even can opt for blended fabrics that ensure a different finish.

Polyester with Cotton Twill Colored Aprons


Choosing a style in apron is personal, so, if you are shopping for aprons for your whole team it might be hard to cater to all the fashion preferences. So, the best way to go about it would be to take an all-encompassing view as to what complements your brand. A well chosen apron should ideally coordinate with your décor, logo and brand image  to make it well received by your clients.

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