How Promotional Products Influence Your Branding Campaign- Infographics

Reports show that 89% of the consumers who received custom gifts said they could recall the advertiser’s name or company name for 24 months after getting the items. Businesses that handed out logo items got 500% more referrals from satisfied customers. It makes a great way to retain existing customers and make new leads.

How Promotional products influence your branding campaign

Custom gifts grab easy attention

Conventional marketing methods like billboards and newspaper have only a very short shelf life, while custom products will keep your brand right in front of the audience to grab and retain their attention consistently. Interestingly promotional products work more or less like business cards as they introduce the products to the consumers and keep the message alive.

Where to use handouts

74% of marketers opine that custom gifts make promotional campaigns more successful. It makes a budget friendly way to reach out to a mass audience and still leave a lasting impression. Every time the recipients see these logo items, they will be reminded of your brand, which in turn will enhance their brand loyalty.

Though 7 in 10 marketers use custom products in stand-alone campaigns, here are some alternate ways to include custom gifts into your marketing mix.

  • Custom products make excellent tradeshow handouts to introduce and engage the crowd with your audience
  • Logo items can be used as contest prizes during special promotions
  • Imprinted gifts used along with print ads will enhance the impact of your promotions
  • More than 50% of custom gifts are used as mailer items during campaigns ( 6 in 10 marketers use it as mailer items)

The impact of custom products in branding

66% of brand recognition: The basic objective of custom gifts is to popularize the brand image and enhance the brand recall. Popular handouts that the users can use in their daily lives will keep your brand and message right in front of the audience.

58% brand awareness: Typically customers have a very short attention span as they are likely to be distracted by countless brands in the market. This is where custom products come to the bigger picture. Logo items have a long shelf life, which enhances the brand awareness by over 58%.

55% corporate identity: Custom products can be used as team spirit items and corporate gifts to highlight the corporate identity

51% goodwill: By including custom gifts in the marketing mix, advertisers can enhance their goodwill by over 51%

42% brand recall: The more the times your recipients see the brand, more will be their brand recall. Custom gifts will keep your message right on tops of the target audience enhancing the brand recall.

Popular Custom Gifts That Can Be Considered

Bags: One of the most popular in promotional gifts, custom bags are high utility items that everyone uses. Your brand on these will get 186.9 impressions per user, every month!

Apparels: 112.5 impressions per user, every month- That is what custom apparels will ensure. Your brand on these will enjoy a very high level of exposure and portability.

Caps: These accessories that bring together fashion and functionality will create 112.1 valuable impressions per user per month. Ideal for outdoor promotions, personalized caps will make a great way to make your message popular.

Jackets: Though jackets are season specific, most people wear it to jazz up their outfits. These logo items make 84.8 brand impressions per user per month, which in itself is a proof of the incredible popularity enjoyed by logo jackets.

Electronics: Predicted to be the most popular custom gift this year, tech items will see a boom in the days ahead. 36.1 impressions per user are what these logo items ensure.

Desk accessories: Get your brand right on to the work desks of your recipients with these logo items. Desk accessories make 33.3 impressions

Awards: Everyone likes to get appreciated. Awards make a great way to show that you care for your employees and get your message across. These logo items take credit to 24.8 impressions

Writing instruments: Budget friendly and hugely popular, writing instruments are popular even in this digital age. These logo items make 24.0 impressions

Mugs: You make 16.4 brand impressions per month per user while including custom mugs and glassware as your marketing swag

Calendars:  Personalized calendars ensure both 24 x7 brand visibility and make 15.9 brand impressions every month. Go for it!

Fitness products : Earn 15.4 brand impressions and inspire the recipients to lead a healthy life style with these custom fitness products

Auto: Your brand can make 7.3 brand impressions per month and enjoy the ultimate portability on these logo items of auto accessories.

Food and candy: The sweetest and shortest way to reach the hearts of your audience, food and candy products have 1.8 impressions to their credit!

So, which of these custom products are you planning to use in your promotions? Share your ideas at the comments section below

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