How To Keep A Tab On ROI During Branding Campaigns

Free gifts and promotional items have always been indispensible parts of any marketing mix for businesses. However, at times brands miss out on the opportunity to make the best use of logo items to make a tangible connection with their audience just because they don’t keep a tab on the return of investments (ROI) during their marketing campaign.


For marketers, choosing a popular promotional item is only half their job done as they have to gauge the impact of these logo items on their audience and to verify whether these custom items changed the perception of the customers about their brand.

The PPAI stats below clearly show the tremendous potential that these logo items have in branding campaigns.

  • 92% of people can remember the name of company on a promotional product even after 1 year after receiving the product.
  • 69% retain the promotional product if they have a use for it.
  • 73% of respondents like to get promotional products as a form of branding and advertising.

Still thinking on how to track ROI during your promotional product marketing campaigns? Here are the three steps that will help you get started.

Tip 1. Chart your plan
Before starting the branding campaign, make sure you have a plan in place. Spare a thought at the outcome that you expect from the campaign. Is it increased revenue, more leads, enhanced brand awareness or demo requests? After all, ROI doesn’t always correlate with dollars spent or earned.

Tip 2. Trial and error method
How to find promotional gifts that are effective and popular? There are no hard and fast rules for that as marketers do ground work to know the trends and customer preferences before choosing logo items. It is recommended to choose logo items that add value to their everyday lives and meet their tastes. While participating in mass events like tradeshows, it will be a smart idea to hand out two different products and analyze the responses of your audience. Always be open to new gifts ideas and never shy away from experimenting with new trends.

Tip 3. Consider Logo products with a direct call to action
A call to action message will go a long way in tracking the ROI of any campaign. Stay clear of the temptation of just highlighting the website url. Tell a story or share your call to action message to engage your audience with the brand in a subtle yet strong way. Though measuring the ROI on a dedicated landing page could be time consuming it will help you to measure the impressions and the brand popularity.

The promotional products that you employ should be created with your specific audience in mind. The best thing is that when creatively customized, these logo items will have a measurable ROI that will make people to act and think in a positive manner. Should you need any tips in choosing logo items for your forthcoming events, all you need to do is give us at ProImprint a call.

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