How Event Planners Can Handle Unforeseen Cancellations

In the outbreak of Covid-2, event planners must be prepared to face the worst in the form of sudden cancellations, disruptions or postponements. Planning an event takes a lot of preparation and calling it off can be a tough decision. However, when it happens due to unforeseen emergencies like the virus pandemic, event planners have absolutely no choice.


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the cause of many canceled events around the world.  Here are some tips to overcome the shock and pick up the threads.

How to handle an event cancellation!

Convey the message

 The first thing to do in the event of an unfortunate cancellation will be to keep your ticket holders informed and slightly less disappointed.  Make the audience aware that the event cannot happen. Clarify that the reason is out of your control and nothing can be done to save the event from your end. It will go a long way in pacifying the customers.

Review your booking agreements and cancellation contracts  with the venue owners or performer.  See how far your insurance policy will provide coverage.

Stop ticket sales

If the sale of tickets for the event is still on, cease all ticket sales and payment processing with immediate effect.  Online ticket booking options have to be removed from your website. Make sure to inform the third-party ticket vendors  to remove the listing.

Weigh your options

Can the event be postponed to a later date? Saving the event is the best possible option to regain the confidence of your prospects especially if it is an eagerly awaited event like a music show or a sports event. However, you need to get the confirmation on the availability of the performers or the sports teams that you wish to bring in before you can announce a fresh date.

If rescheduling is not possible, make sure to issue the refund for the ticket holders and a discount coupon for the next event. Make the cancellation and refund process simple and quick for the affected customers. It will pacify your fans. Make sure to be transparent in the whole process and inform the audience about the various steps that are being taken. Convey the message that their interests will always be safeguarded

Update the public

Get the word out to the public on how to get refunds and stop new attendees from travelling to the ticket outlets to collect tickets. Proper communication will avoid a lot of misunderstanding and confusion.

A social media update banner can be set up to communicate with the audience and post updates including the contact information where they can direct their questions.  It is the best way to ensure that your message reaches every one of your ticket holders and fans.

Set up help line number

Set up a dedicated response team to answer customer questions to deal with the situation in a professional way  and with least damage to your reputation. Your fans will have a word of praise for you in handling the situation without letting it get out of hand.

Say sorry

An apology email will be a great way to explain the situation to your customers while acknowledging their frustration.  You can also offer some incentive or special deals to make them happy  while you express your sincere apologies. Handing out a custom gift like a pen or tumbler imprinted with  your message or contact details will be smart way to keep your name right on top of their minds.

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