Best Promotional Items To Brand Your Business in A Changing World

Let’s be frank about it! The microscopic Covid-19 virus has held humans as hostages literally, even dictating terms on where to stay and how to work!  As we adapt to the new routines like being home and looking forward to the recovery period, it is a great time to consider the importance of some custom products  that can keep up your brand popularity during the  global pandemic.


Health and wellness items will indeed be a crucial  promo swag in the marketing calendar for the remainder of the year. Reach out to your target audience in a thoughtful and effective way and help them stay safe with these effective custom gifts

Sanitizing Products

With countless rounds of cleaning and mopping, cleanliness drives have hit a dramatic level in the Covid-19 context. Though sanitizing products are certainly not new to us, these are getting the spotlight in our daily lives in the present situation. For a long time to come, we’ll continue to see sanitizing products and other health-related items at the top of promotional products.  Make these germ fighters your swag as we are likely to see more of these products hitting the shelves.

Hand sanitizers

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to stay safe from germs. However, for people on the move, hand sanitizers are the best solutions to stay germ free. While in subways, taxis, gym, workplace or shopping errands, staying sanitized becomes a breeze with these handy hand sanitizers. With more sanitizing stations in schools, public areas, malls and offices, there has been a better awareness and seriousness about hand washing these days.

Hand Sanitizer Gels

Screen cleaning gadgets

It is important to keep not just our hands germ free but our gadgets too! Screen cleaning products, microfiber cloths and sprays will all become meaningful custom products for your recipients in post Covid-19 settings.  These can also be included in the remote-working kits of your team.

Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth

Personal care items

Personal care items  like nail cutters and filers will go a long way in enhancing personal hygiene  of your prospects. These handy and  high-value promo items can be used as mailer items or as delivered at the doorstep of your  customers or employees.

Vinyl Manicure Sets

First aid kits

Health-related products such as thermometers and first aid kits are likely to become more popular than ever before. Choose products that help consumers feel safe and prepared for emergencies and those that can be used both at home and office.

Forehead Thermometer Kits

Relax and unwind

Probably the biggest lesson we all learned now is to stay relaxed and take life as it comes – one step at a time! So custom products like yoga mats or aromatherapy kits and essential oils that help your prospects to relax and unwind will make great branding tools. Encourage your audience to relax and stay positive in life because most of things that happen could well be beyond our control!

1/4 Inch Yoga Mats with Carry Bags

 Work from home kits

Starting a business meeting with a firm hand shake or a bear hug could all become tales of the past. With social distancing restrictions paying off nicely in containing the infections, some people atleast may be tempted to adopt it in their lives as well. Bowing your head or folding hands could all make a safe way to welcome your guests or business partners.

Apprehensive about those long spells of brain storming sessions in crowded board rooms where people sit closely packed? Work from home kits and video conferencing could be an effective and budget friendly replacement for the conventional way of working till normalcy returns.

Work From Home Kits

The new, changed reality will empower you to view your brand building in a fresh perspective. Creative promotions and being a genuine service provider to your customers will help you beat the competition.