Earth Day Games and Activities For Kids

Celebrate our planet on Earth Day and teach kids about the importance of being eco friendly!  Schools play an important role in creating responsible citizens.  Inspire the little ones with games and activities that teach about our Earth and help them protect it.


Raising environmental awareness need not be boring for kids.  Here are some tips that will help you protect our planet and have fun at the same time!

Hold the world in your hands!

Globe shaped stressballs, Globe shaped beachballs or piggy banks make delightful ideas to get the kids know about the various countries in the world – with a wide variety of globes! Encourage the kids to investigate and have discussions. The inquisitive kids will love the idea of keeping the world with them at all times.  Schools can also get it imprinted with their logo or message to make it school spirit items as well. Kids will surely be interested know and learn more about the planet where they live!

13 Inch Customized Globe Shaped Beach Balls

Posters and pictures

Introduce kids to the animals and plants of the world through posters and pictures. Let them stick it on a scrap book. It will initiate them to an interesting hobby as well.

Painting contest

 A painting contest based on the topics of earth and its living beings will make a great idea to bring out the creativity of the kids. All the participants can be handed out gifts like coloring books and crayons.

Teach them about recycling

Recycling has a crucial part is making the planet sustainable. Make kids aware of this basic fact by teaching them to recycle things. For instance, their old cloth bags can be turned into pencil boxes, candy bags, wipes and much more. It will go a long way in developing an eco-friendly attitude in kids from a very early age. Before they trash items, let them think creatively of alternate uses. Recycled notebooks ,or pencils will all make great handouts to encourage kids to adopt it in their life.

DIY projects

Think of some interesting DIY projects for the classroom including color their own flower pots on Earth Day. Contest prizes like stickers and earth day car magnets make interesting giveaways that the kids will love to show off in their circles.

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Cotton tote bags, which make a sustainable replacement for disposable bags is another contest prize choice. Make use of the generous imprint space to put earth-friendly messages and cute images of animals, which will leave the kids impressed.

Maine Zippered Cotton Tote Bags

Help save the world on Earth Day with games and activities. Have a better idea? Share your thoughts to join an interesting conversation.