How Custom Lighters will light up your brand message in no time?

Got a light? This query is something that we all have heard in parties and gatherings. Marketers who wish to woo new customers into their fold will never let go these opportunities by handing out promotional lighters that will keep their brand right in front of their eyes. Promotional lighters are used not just to market a business but also to open the lines of conversation.

personalized zippo windproof lighter high polish brass

Custom lighters are one of the best promotional gift options to spread the word about your business and to light up your business message. Everyone needs a lighter – not just to light their cigarettes but to set off their camp fire, to light a birthday candle or for a bachelor party prank- the list is virtually endless! These wind proof lighters are used countless times and your logo imprinted on these will surely gain the attention of everyone around and will get your message across.

Promotional lighters make perfect giveaways to promote bars, cafes, music bands, nightclubs, hotels, party planners and the like. ProImprint has a wide range of personalized lighters in attractive styles and colors choices that it is so easy to pick up something that matches with your theme.

Check out our Zippo Windproof Lighters High Polish Chrome with a polished chrome finish lives up to its handy features like wind proof construction, durability and removable stainless steel insert for refilling the fuel tank. These stylish lighters also make classic souvenirs and keepsakes that people love to retain for long.

customized zippo windproof lighters street chrome

Custom lighters make unusual promotional gifts that will readily gain the attention of your recipients. It is not something that every marketer hand out and this unique charm is what makes these pint sized gifts a great hit in promotional circuits. The conspicuous imprint space of 1” x 1” will give your logo and artwork ample visibility and clarity. Available in high quality brass and chrome finish, these lighters make elegant and special gifts that are a cut above the ordinary.

Promotional lighters can be used to reach out to your adult audience and make perfect gifts for your tradeshow booth or event. People always carry lighters irrespective of the fact whether they smoke or not. Custom lighters make a handy way to have an instant spark during camping or parties and are easier to carry and more durable than matches.

These useful gifts will draw a steady stream of people at grand openings because firstly these are offered as freebies and secondly everyone needs lighters at bonfires, barbecues and parties! Make your logo synonymous with their happy moments and ensure a prompt brand recall by handing out these simple yet practical gifts to your customers. Imprint your logo and artwork and every time the lighter is used, it will make a constant reminder of your products and services.

Small and sleek, lighters are easy to distribute and make great gift items for conventions and expos. Logo imprinted lighters can also be handed out as part of a gift barbecue set or holiday gifts and the recipients will surely love your thoughtful gift that will make their holidays truly hassle free and enjoyable.