Gifts Ideas That will Leave A Lasting Impression in Your Prospects

Trade shows make an ideal platform for marketers to connect with clients and business associates. Here are some incredible gift ideas that will leave a mark during business events and make your prospects think and talk about your brand.

Here are some client gift ideas that everyone will love.

Set up a gift basket

A custom gift basket created just for the occasion is a befitting way to celebrate ant event. If it is a summer event, put together a gift basket that  includes summer staples like cooling towels, water bottles, hats and sunscreen among others. If a golf themed event is on card, you can include golf balls and polo T shirts. Even a gift card to the club house will round off your gift idea . Ideally the gift basket items should match the theme and season of the event to make it memorable.

Plan a fun event

After the hectic meeting and brain storming sessions, why not treat your clients with some fun activities like a night out or a movie screening? Otherwise, you can plan a happy hour or think of a team-building event at a nearby arcade. It will also give ample opportunity for your clients to mingle and socialize with others. Moreover it will help you enhance our business networks as well.

Choose thoughtful gifts

Choose custom gifts that will match the life style and preferences of your clients to make it thoughtful . Like wise, the gift that you choose should be something they will find useful. For wine lovers, you can choose a gift card to a local beer supply shop or a ticket to a wine tasting event. For the sports lovers, there can’t be a better gift than tickets to the latest local sporting event of the home team. By giving a more personalized gift, you can foster not just your business relationship, but personal relationship as well. So, think creatively about your closest clients and choose a gift that they will enjoy!

Plan a Dinner out

Dinner parties provide lot of networking opportunities for businesses to connect with their clients and business associates. So, dining out will offer an incredible chance for you to have a one to one interaction with your clients and reinforce your relations with them. The smaller the crowd, the stronger will be interaction.

Invest in Tech giveaways

Technology giveaways are always a hit in today’s digital world. Choose from a wide range of handouts like wireless speakers, earbuds and phone chargers among others. You can also customize it with your brand and message to make your clients truly appreciated . In addition, these thoughtful gifts are also budget friendly .

Options are limitless. So, plan ahead to find some innovative gifts before your next conference. Choose  high value giveaways for your blue chip clients and budget friendly gifts for new prospects to ensure the best value for your promotional dollars. No matter how you choose to go about, choose thoughtful business gifts that will surely put a smile on their face.