Plan Your Promotions for June 2023 Events

June is not just about bright blues skies and flower beds in full bloom but also has an impressive event calendar doted with some classic, fun and quirky events that will satiate most tastes. So,  browse along to find some interesting events slated for June  to plan promotions  on this theme.

June 1st is Dare Day

The dare devil souls out there can get ready to push their limits and plan a celebration. Businesses can inspire their employees to pursue their outdoor adventure activities or something fun like tasting unique dishes or trying out wacky dressing styles. It is all about daring to be different! Employers can host interesting  activities in office that will give ample opportunities for employees to challenge each other.  Hand out custom giveaways like  fanny packs, flashlight or  dry bags that come handy  during their adventure.

National Donut Day

First Friday in June is observed as National Donut Day. Impress all the Donut lovers out there with themed events like online contests where they can share their favorite donuts types, flavors, and even recipes. You can also Donut shaped giveaways that your recipients will surely love.

National Trails Day

First Saturday in June  is a perfect time to encourage your clients and employees to set out on  hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Adopting an active lifestyle has a great say in making people healthy and active. Businesses can organize trails or include appropriate custom giveaways like sunglasses, hats or cooling towels  as merchandise.

Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th is  hug your cat day where everyone can take a few moments out of their busy schedules to cuddle their cats.  Businesses can encourage their employees to try to find homes for shelter cats or  plan a fund raising campaign for their benefit. Pet stores can offer some  freebies and discounts on services and cat food and other products. It is a delightful way to participate in the event while showing that you care.

Best Friends Day

June 8th is Best friends day. Friends make life more meaningful and exciting. So for businesses it is a great time to reach out to their clients and customers to make them feel appreciated, Choose thoughtful giveaways like T Shirts, pens or tech accessories imprinted with your brand. You can even customize team bracelets and other promotional swag on this day.

Ballpoint Pen Day

June 10th is Ball point pen Day. It is a great opportunity to celebrate these basic and low cost pens. Order custom ball point pens in bulk add your brand and you have the most appropriate giveaways for the day. The best part is that your recipients will continue to think and talk about your brand even after this event every time they use these pens or see these brightly colored pens on their work desks!

Red Rose Day

June 12th is Red rose day and it makes a great day to splurge on red roses irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not! Businesses can deck up their stores or give red roses with a personal note to the customers dropping in to your stores. If you thought Valentine’s Day is the only event where people shop for red roses, you now have another date to remember.

National Nature Photography Day

June 15th is National Nature Photography Day, which makes a great day to take a closer look at the stunning beauty of nature and to celebrate Mother Earth. Photographers can plan exciting photo shoot at the backdrop of vibrant local naturescapes. Businesses can even organize an online nature photo contest for amateurs and encourage them to share on social media.. The winners can be handed out interesting custom giveaways like selfie stick or arc light that will help them in their passion of photography.

 How do you plan to organize themed promotions based on some of these popular events in June? Share your thoughts with us on our comments section.