Fund Raising Ideas For College Clubs That You Might Not Have Thought About

College organizations like sororities and fraternities can function only with the generosity of donors and alumni. Raising funds is an art as it has to be subtle and interesting and not something that should make the donors feel stressed. Fundraising has always been an old fashioned, tried and tested means to generate money. Check out these fund raising ideas that will help you to raise money for your college club in a fun way.

A few smart ways for you to raise fund

We have compiled a few smart ways for you to raise fund and let us know how effective these fund raising ideas have been.

Talent Show

Set up a good talent show where the sorority members and the club organizers can think of some smart cap ideas like stand-up comedy, rap, break dance and pop show. The proceeds from the ticket and snack sales will go the fund raiser kitty. Make sure to invite the whole campus to support the event and see how your offers are overflowing.

Car Wash

Get dirty ; get wet and earn money for your college club by organizing a community car wash. Everyone will be happy to get a spotlessly clean car for a good price from the energetic and happy college students. When they know the noble cause behind this drive, they will surely give it a try, no matter whether the car needs a wash or not. Just be sure to give a good wash for the basic fee!

Bake Sale

Probably one of the best and the most popular fund raising ideas, bake sale is another way to raise funds. As they say the shortest way to the heart is through the stomach. Everyone loves foods and college students especially will love to polish off the delicacies. It will be smart idea to involve students from different majors to bring in a healthy competition among the different departments.

Choose a high-traffic spot on campus to ensure the best sales.


Custom items like pens, T shirts and tumblers are some of the many popular fund raising items that you can consider. These low cost items can be sold at a higher price to raise funds for the clubs.

Custom Imprinted Sassy Ball Point Pens

Dodgeball Tournament

Loads of fun, this game idea will see an enthusiastic participation from the students and even faculties. You can sell tickets and even ask players who wish to participate to make a small contribution. It will make a fun way to get the whole college involved in the fund raising mission.

Alumni meet

Plan an alumni meet for the club members or from your major. You can host a lecture or Q & A session with students and host a get together and charge a small entry fee. This is a great way to foster relations with the student groups and to make the name of your organization popular.

These are some of the many ideas that we could think about. If you have any unique fund raising ideas, do share with us in our comments section.

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