Fundraising Gifts Ideas And Tips For Schools

As yet another school year is rolling in, it is time for school administrators to come up with fund raising tips to support sports teams, events, class trips, clubs, building repairs and more. School fundraising may not be something new. But new gift ideas continue to make these events popular and interesting among parents and teachers.

Here are some exciting fund raising items that can be considered for elementary, middle, and high schools that may be planning to raise funds for field trips, football games or more.

  1. Chocolates
    For a quick sale that will raise funds fast, you need popular logo items like chocolates that work like magic! Surprisingly, chocolate bars sell like hot cakes as most people find these items irresistible. Reach out to kids and kids at heart alike with these logo items that will make your fund raising loads of fun and frolic as well. The best part is that all they need to do is to bring out their best sweet tooth to be part of this campaign.Custom Eros Chocolate Bars with Full Color Wrappers
  2. Totes
    Perfect for the eco-friendly trend in school fundraisers, totes make ever popular fund raising items. Everyone needs totes for shopping, picnics and for daily errands. Available in various casual designs and colors, custom totes will surely make hot selling items that will double up as portable billboards for your brand. The best part is that unlike many other logo items, totes can be used all round the year too.Custom Liberty Heat Seal Grocery Tote Bags
  3. Cookies
    Hand out these delicious and healthy cookies to your customers and every time they reach out to a new pack, your money pots get filled up faster than you expected. These are great options for not just fund raising events but also end-of-the-year parties and corporate parties as well.Custom Round Shortbread Cookie with Icing in Cello Bag
  4. T shirts
    Everyone will love these branded T shirts that will highlight your message and cause without fail. Causal, trendy and always in use, custom T shirts will never fail to turn heads and it is this amazing popularity that makes these custom items popular fund raising items.Custom Printed Delta 30/1's Soft Spun Ladies' Tees
  5. Writing supplies
    In a new school year, students may need tons of writing supplies that will get them through the academic year. Imprint your logo and message on these fabulous fund raising items and see how easily your coffers fill up!Custom Rectangular Highlighter With Frosted Barrel
  6. Water bottles
    You can add a fun twist to your fund raising event by planning a barbecue party or a bike-a-Thon. Logo items like water bottles, hats and caps or sports towels will all make excellent fund raising items that can be considered during these events. These long lasting items will enjoy a brisk sale leaving you with enough resources for the events.Promotional 21 Oz Good Value Bottles

Need more fund raising items? Just browse our collection and it is never too hard to find something that matches your budget.

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