Feel Good Summer Gifts Worth your Dollars

 Summer is a great time for marketers to see and to be seen! Promotional giveaways are a great way to get your brand out in a subtle way. marketers can choose from an incredible range of giveaways ranging from classic favorites to fun gifts and exquisite gifts among others.

We have listed a few crowd pleasers to help you get started.


Keep your recipients safe from the sun on a scorching day with custom hats. It is indeed an essential summer item that is both functional and fashionable. Available in a wide range of models, hats will obviously put your brand on a wide display.

Likewise, you can brand your hats with the company logo and message to make a high utility, branded item for your employees and clients. When your recipients sport these trendy hats to stay safe from sun they’ll surely thank your company for the protection.

Cooler bags

On hot summer days, enjoying an ice-cold drink is a bliss.  Cooler bags will keep the beverages fresh and well chilled so that they can enjoy cold drinks anytime, anywhere.

Water bottles

Custom water bottles will obviously win hands down as summer promotional gifts. The outdoorsy crowd needs adequate hydration. So, a convenient water bottle will make a useful gift that they always need. Insulated metal water bottles that will keep the beverages in the desired temperature for long will indeed make a great choice. Some of the other models that can be considered included retro style glass bottles or BPA free plastic bottles among others.

Cooling towels

Let your prospects stay cool and refreshed as they go about their daily business. Understandably, these quick drying towels will come handy during game days, road trips or simply on a day out. Add your logo and message on these everyday items to stay in plain view of the audience.

Insulated tumblers

Drinkware items will definitely increase brand exposure in a fun and engaging way without being intrusive. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get easy eyes on your brand. A trendy drinkware item often make a pleasant conversation topic among your recipients. Hence, your brand will continually work for your brand even when your marketing agents are not physically present there.

T shirts

Nothing says summer like these comfortable T shirts that are casual, colorful and comfortable all at once. Quality products  like apparels have always been a proven way to show appreciation for clients and employees and build a good rapport even with people who see it .

Folding chairs

Looking for giveaways that are functional and fashionable in equal measures? In fact folding chairs will make a great choice. These highly practical items are something that your clients can use time and again; moreover, it might  even travel a long distance across various venues.


A nice pair of sunglasses could be worn anywhere and your brand will get exposure that goes far beyond your stores.  Besides, you can choose from a wide range of models and colors that will meet the preferences of your clients and your promotional objectives. Fun models like bottle opener sunglasses will indeed make great summer swag that is hard to resist.

How do you plan to make use of the incredible promotional capacity of these custom summer promotional handouts? Share your ideas with us on our face book page.